The Origin of Space and Time by Design, not by Formula.

Extract of my Quantum Function Follows Form model.

1: Black holes are the same as Dark Matter, they all consume photons, even gravitons and the Higgs field, but REPEL Fermions due to the fermion propeller shape. They produce electric charged plasma.

2: Dark Energy is the oscillating ( Casimir) energy of the Higgs Field equipped with a tetrahedron lattice structure with variable Planck length, increased around black holes.

3: Quantum Gravity = Dual Push gravity= Attraction (Higgs-Casimir pressure opposing Graviton pressure).

4: The Big Bang is a Splitting dark matter Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH), splitting into smaller Primordial Big Bang Splinters (PBBS) forming the Fractal Lyman Alpha forest and evaporating partly into a zero mass energetic oscillating Higgs particle based Higgs field.

5: Dual PBBSs hotspots, produce central plasma concentration in electric Herbig Haro systems as a base for star formation in open star clusters even as a start for primordial Spiral Galaxies and galaxy clusters.

6: Spiral Galaxies will keep both Primordial Dark Matter Black Holes as Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) connected by dual jets at long distance: (Milky Way= 27k Light years, based on recent observation)

7: After Galaxy Merging, these GABHs are the origin of

Galaxy- and Magnetic field complexity and newly formed dwarf galaxies in between GABHs

8: Black Holes produce Plasma direct out of the Higgs field by pair production. Two high energy Higgs particles ( by fluctuations at BH horizons) are convertible into symmetric electron and positron (or even dual quark-) propellers.

9: The chirality of the (Left Handed spiralling) vacuum lattice is the origin our material universe. Consequently A; propeller shaped positrons merge preferentially first with gluons to form (u) Quarks to form Hydrogen, B: neutrinos are always left handed .

10: The first Supernovas produce medium sized electric dark matter Black Holes as the base for secondary electric Herbig Haro systems the base for open star clusters.

11: ALL Dark Matter Black Holes are supposed to be CHARGE SEPARATORS with internal positive charge and an external globular shell of negative charged Quark electron plasma. Even interference black holes (Ball lightning- Comets and Sunspots) seem to have the same qualities.

12: The light speed is related to gravity fields like the earth with long extinction distances to adapt with the solar gravity field both acting as reference frames. (See radar reflection anomaly on Venus)

13. Quantum FFF Theory states that the “raspberry shaped multiverse” is symmetric and instant entangled down to the smallest quantum level. Also down to living and dying Schroedinger CATS.

14 Large Primordial Big Bang Splinters (PBBS) are responsible for the creation of the Lyman Alpha forest structure and first spiral galaxy forming of the universe, but they seem to be also responsible for the implosion of the universe by the absorption of the Higgs field, in the form of Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) located mainly outside galaxies. see: (See Quasisoft Chandra sources)

15, As a consequence of 12-14, Time is always local time in combination with cyclic period time of the multiverse.

16, If our material universes has a chiral left handed oscillating Higgs field, then our material Right Handed DNA helix molecule could be explained.

However it also suggests that in our opposing ANTI-MATERIAL multiverse neighbour universe the DNA helix should have a Left handed spiral.

According to Max Tegmark: in an entangled multiverse we may ask: is there COPY PERSON over there, who is reading the same lines as I do?

If this COPY person is indeed living over there, then even our consciousness should be shared in a sort of entangled DEMOCRATIC form.

Then we are not alone with our thoughts and doubts, see:

Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse.

17, All particles and waves should be entangled with anti-copy particles and Higgs field based waves in our opposing anti universes.

Then wave particle duality and the so called one particle double slit interference could be explained by accepting that real shaped 3D photon particles only exist in their function of Gluons. However Gluons should transfer form information to the oscillating luminiferous Higgs field ether, within about 1 cm distance from a fermion.(see: Babock and Bergman anomaly,1964, and lattice technique, confinement, lattice Quantum Field Theory and non perturbative QCD)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bok Nebula ESO 9934 IR : too small to produce stars?

Bok Nebula  ESO 9934 IR images: Too small to produce stars? see:

The aligned stellar strings observed here,  could be an indication for the influence of a Herbig Haro system based on so called  Stellar Anchor Black Holes (SABH) . There seems to be a  gravity pull on newly formed starry globules out of the “mother” starry globule, according to Quantum FFF theory.
However the Eso dust measurements of the whole  cloud indicate, that there is only matter enough for 3 stars (solar size)..  Suggestion, according to Q-FFF Theory the  undersized SABHs produce plasma and electric currents, for accelerated star formation. However, these SABHs are supposed to be too small for real star formation and consequently only able to produce so called failed stars or potential planets .

Bok Nebula  ESO 9934 with indication for a Herbig Haro dual Micro Black Hole system inside.   According to Quantum FFF Theory star spots are micro Black Holes. After stellar explosions these starspot black holes will search for companions and for dual BH systems just as is found for macro Herbig Haro systems.
Two aligned rows of IR point sources (A) are observed,  starting from the central white hole (B) located between the Herbig Haro Black Holes (C) 
The size of the dual BHs is assumed to be responsible for the lack of real star formation.
Conclusion, this system of dual Electric Dark Matter Black Holes can be called a micro Herbig Haro system which is too small for star production but too large to become a comet such multi-black hole based  
Comet 67P. see:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New book:  Electric Dark Matter Black Holes and Quantum Knots:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How the Cyclic Multiverse Bounces expands and retracts.

See also THIS

Giant galaxies die from the inside out: Star formation shuts down in the centers of elliptical galaxies first.

Galaxy- and Cluster black hole hierarchy is the origin of dying galaxies where star formation in the center stops. X-ray point sources (Dark matter black holes) in Virgo and Perseus cluster centers present evidence for black hole hierarchy: the smallest BHs are located in the centers and are not any more able to create Supernova black holes large enough to form Herbig Haro systems with star formation in between.
The result:
Dying "red and dead" galaxies as the start of Universal contraction and collapse (Big Crunch) in a cyclic multiverse..
According to Quantum FFF Theory (Function Follows Form), not the giants- but the smallest black holes reside in the center of galaxies.
However, In the center of these dead galaxies the small black holes should merge into one bigger growing BH.
According to Q-FFF theory Black holes don't merge because there is always a Birkeland Alfven current circuit in between two BHs and plasma pushing the BHs away from each other simply by two plasma jets!
So it is assumed that only in case of dead galaxies with lots of smaller black holes in the center, merging becomes possible, due to the absence of linear magnetic and electric polarization based jets between two Black holes .
THERE SEEM TO BE NO MORE EFFICIENT HERBIG HARO JETS POSSIBLE in red and dead galaxies, which are able to push two BHs away from each other by plasma jets.
Also: Birkeland -Aflven current systems are gone.
Conclusion: variable powered HH systems are the origin of life and death of the cyclic expanding and contracting multiverse

Below some example posters for the cyclic multiverse.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

New Anode Black holes are Plasma Producing Charge Splitters by a Fermion Repelling Horizon.

Crisis in Astro-Physics solved by a new Anode Black Hole and Propeller Shaped Fermions? 
New Anode Black holes are Plasma Producing Charge Splitters by a Fermion Repelling Horizon.
and THIS
I think that Hawking did not calculate with the possibility that the black hole could be a bit more complex by the repulsion of propeller shaped fermions.

My new Quantum FFF model partly described by posters in this book, and (ref 56, 4 and 1) proposes a chiral oscillating Higgs field vacuum lattice combined with propeller shaped Fermions. Electrons and positrons both pushed away from the Black Hole (BH) horizon at different distances, forming two different charged separated spheres, with quark ( plasma) formation in between.
How could this be possible?

Only if the oscillating Higgs vacuum Lattice (tetrahedral shaped) has a preferred chirality. So in our material universe, all the Planck lattices (the edges of the tetrahedrons) form a left handed spiral.
As a result all neutrinos are left handed! because the neutrino information travels  in the form of an Higgs oscillation along these edges.
At the same time, positrons must have a preferred spin (OLO left=L) they catch a Gluon to form a u-quark ( OLO+ROR) which is better protected for the aggressive oscillations of the left handed Higgs field than an electron ORO combined with the mirror Gluon LOL forming a right handed anti- d-Quark!
So New Electric Dark Matter Black Holes are assumed to be charge splitters and carry an Anode shell at the outside and a Cathode shell at the inside. They violating the 2e law of thermodynamics, combined with a micro big bang plasma creation process for BHs at every scale!
So: Quantum fluctuations around the BH horizon produce pairs of leptons. e-,e+ and even compound quarks (d, u, etc, see Fermion 3D string propeller theory: Fermion repelling by Lorentz polarized spin flip).  ( see also Vixra "mass in motion")

Conclusion The Big Bang did not produce instantly all the Fermions in the universes. Even now there is reason to assume that lots of Fermions are produced- in the form of charged plasma-globules  by all BHs (see ball lightning fig B.) even by the largest primordial Big bang splinters located outside large galaxies. (Figure 1,6 =1,11)