Quantum FFF Rigid String Theory ( FFF= Function Follws string Form)

QUANTUM FFF topological STRING THEORY and the Fermion Propeller.

If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle Dark Matter Black Hole (ELISIUM DM- BH) nucleus into smaller DM-BH nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the DM-BH based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro star/galaxy creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see oriental basin of the moon) .Conclusion, all Bhs are: "Negative Charged Electric Dark Matter Black Holes" with a rigid open string sector with intrinsic 3x hinging curvature.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Stellar Splitting and pairing NEW Black holes called "mountains of creation" found inside several Nebula

This new black hole theory is based on the local horizon repulsion effect of new black holes on real spinning fermions and as a consequence: decresasing entropy.
This is in contrast with the latest approach of professor G. "t Hooft:

Electron jets originated by two or more dumbbell black holes.
The near star Beta Pictoris, with recent photo of two bipolar jets, is a clear sign that planet related stars are accompanied by at least two "stellar anchor black holes" ( SABHs)
Is Solar Power, Internal or External?
"Electric Universe" proponents claim that solar radiation energy production is external not internal.

Dark matter is made up by different sized black holes , Dark energy is the superdense oscillating Higgs space .

Evidence for the existence of Solar polar electron jets, an indication for a double set of Solar Anchor Black Holes ( dark matter).

Origins of the Solar Polar Jets –Coordinated SOHO and TRACE Observations http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2003AGUFMSH22A0187D

Cat's Eye.
Interesting articles, related to local black holes (dark matter) :

See :
Mysterious electrons may be sign of dark matter
Dark matter is proving less shadowy than its name suggests. Its signature may have been detected by a balloon-borne experiment that measured a surprisingly high number of energetic electrons streaming in from space.

There must be another source relatively near us that is producing these additional particles." According to the research, this source would need to be within about 3,000 light years of the sun. It could be an exotic object such as a pulsar, mini-quasar, supernova remnant or an intermediate mass black hole.
Has dark matter's telltale signature been spotted
Scientists Detect Cosmic 'Dark Flow' Across Billions of Light Years

According to the Higgs-multiverse model descibed in my book, Dark flow should be seen as a clear sign of the CONTRACTION of the MULTIVERSE instead of an EXPANDING ACCELLERATING universe.
See my raspberry shaped Multiverse evaporation scheme called the “CPT symmetric Multiverse cycle”
see the difference between
A: Higgs particles enclosed inside black hole nuclei ( Dark energy)
B: Oscillating Higgs particles inside the Higgs space lattice (Dark Matter)
C: Fermionic matter originated at the Fermion repulsive horizon of black holes.
Pffff you will say, this is all too much at once for me.
Take your time and think about it and perhaps look again at:

Conclusion: The multi-verse in its raspberry shape is contracting as a whole instead of expanding, which is based on the false interpretation of Hubble redshift increase with distance. Hubble redshift should only be interpreted as the result of Space deformation by the consumption of Higgs space by the network of black holes located around Galaxies (coined as dark matter)

Leo Vuyk

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in becoming new eyes" - Marcel Proust

The peculiar NEW God (Higgs) particle and the resulting NEW Black hole.
Based on particle decay research described in this blog, there is strong evidence that elementary particles are NOT pointlike as mainstream physics assumes.
In contrast, elementary particles seem to have a complex curved shape able to change form and make compound Quarks and Leptons after collision with the Higgs vacuum particles also coined God particles.
Fermions (such as electrons, positrons and Quarks) seem to have even a real PROPELLER shape with a left- or right-handed pitch.
Fermions seem to be forced to “FLIP their spin state” at some crucial distance from Black hole nuclei and form gas tails, able to migrate Black holes through the Higgs vacuum.
By this process, Black holes of different sizes seem to be forced to SPLIT and PAIR into dumbbell systems with gas concentration in the middle to form galaxies or stars.
As a result every planet related star should have at least TWO Stellar anchor Black holes, just like Galaxies.
These Black holes become visible as “Hotspots” after gas ejection away from the star.
This is often visible in exploding stars like Planetary Nebula, such as Planetary Nebula M2-9 and NGC 6543 (see above)
See also my book BASED ON SMALL ANOMALOUS astronomical/physical FACTS coined: THE NEW GOD PARTICLE and FREE WILL.
The discovery of a different universe based on simple particle forms and complex symmetric entanglement relation.

Black hole Paradigm shift leading to a TOE. (Theory Of Everything)

For a quick search inside my new book: "The new God Particle and Free Will", at Amazon.com press:
or: http://www.lulu.com/content/2552961

Hubble telescope images of the different forms of star formation and the shapes of so called “Gas pillars” inside the star forming nebulae of the Milky-way galaxy, tell us the story of splitting and Pairing NEW Black holes.

This cone will be observed as the shape of a gaseous V behind the black hole.(see these differences in the Lagoon/Veil nebula, above and Carina /Orion below)

One of the new results: Massless Black hole propulsion and repelling by gas tails.

Splitting black holes become Pairing black holes which repel each other to form Herbig Haro objects with newborn stars in between..

The principle of black hole propulsion can be described as the propulsion of single black holes by gas tails, which are deforming the black hole horizon and the Higgs vacuum lattice structure into an anti-symmetrical oscillating shape.
Due to this deformation effect, the black hole nucleus itself is propelled by the local anti-symmetrical oscillating Higgs vacuum. The Pairing of black holes can be described as the result of alternating tail swing which is influenced by the mutual black hole gravitation effect. At the end, a Herbig Haro object is often observed with two more or less linear jets ending into two hotspots. ( the two black holes became to rest) See below.

Higgs-Vacuum Black Hole Lensing
Cygnus-A Black Hole Lensing with Ionisation effects
Rigid Elementary Click-On Particles and Propellers
Galaxy Form and formation
Higgs-Graviton Quantum Gravity etc. etc.
Small GR anomalies and Test Proposals
Is Less More in the Symmetric Multiverse?
Magnetic Quantum radiation Test
New Nuclear Polar-Ring Structure
More Triple Stellar Object Strings
High Speed Black Holes.
Planetary Lightspeed Frame Dragging
The Evaporating Big Bang Black Hole
Rigid Gluonium Knots and Ball lightning
The Black Hole relation with Comets
Vacuum Lattice models and Diffraction: "Wrapping Fluxes around the compact geometries" ( Lee Smolin)
The Geometry of Decay Processes in Detail

If the second Law of Thermodynamics is violated by entropy decrease, near Fermion friendly "NEW Black Holes", which seem to be the case inside the TADPOLE and other Carina objects, THEN the description of unexplained energized x-ray point sources, such as all AGN-Quasar Hotspots, Sunspots, Herbig Haro Hotspots, Comets and Ball Lightning, should be one of the highest scientific and economic goals.

If we learn about how the universe is able to use this Fermion friendly "NEW black hole" energy, then perhaps we can copy it on Earth.

Carina nebula, a Playground for pairing Black holes.
What future comparison between old and newer Carina images will show .
Gas pillar regions in the Carina nebula are well known cradles of open star clusters, but they seem to be produced by pairing massless "NEW" black holes.
However according to the images, there are multiple ways for these black holes to meet each other. Herbig Haro hotspots seem to be only temporal manifestations of the end of the pairing black hole journey.

How could we explain massless black holes?
It is a relative simple picture, its about pushing gravity.
Just imagine that the vacuum is a ultra dense energetic oscillating lattice of REAL Higgs particles , which are able to transport photon information like graviton-, electric,- magnetic and etc.etc along the lattice.
Fermions are REAL propeller shaped entities spinning outside this lattice but energized and driven to spin , by the continuous scattering with these Higgs particles. Each collision with a Fermion does change one real Higgs particles program into a Higgs particle with a particular photon quality depending on the angle of scattering attack of the Higgs to the Fermion.
Thus the spin and "eigen energy" of the Fermion has come from the Higgs field.
Conclusion: Only real spinning Fermions can have mass, by emitting gravity photon information. As a consequence, Gravity is not only a feature of the scattering pushing influence of Gravitons on Fermions, but also the counter balancing pressure of the Higgs system. (for alternative Feynman diagrams see:

Black holes are supposed to be particle graveyards with a real particle nucleus, densely packed together by the Higgs pressure from outside, not able to emit graviton information outside the horizon, because the Higgs lattice is eaten by the black hole, due to a constant Casimir effect.
For the particle physics of Black hole nuclei, see also:
If Black holes do not emit photon information like gravitons, then they have NO MASS, nothing (no Fermions) is spinning inside the nucleus.
As a result we may formulate things different.
This is a rough version!
MASS is the variable (Lorentz-transformed) capacity of real spinning Fermions, to change real oscillating Higgs particles into as much Graviton particles.

MOTION, is the (Lorentz-transformed) capacity of real spinning Fermions, to change oscillating Higgs particles into as much Gravitons in all directions and in equal numbers around the Fermion.

ACCELERATION, is the (Lorentz-transformed) capacity of real spinning Fermions, to change oscillating Higgs particles into as much Gravitons in all directions but in NON-equal numbers around the Fermion, leading to a non globular impulse vector field around the Fermion.

GRAVITY, is the balancing result between the impulse differences of Higgs and Graviton scattering on spinning Fermions. If represented as a non-globular impulse vector field around the Fermion we could call this a Gravity Hedgehog.
New massless Black holes seem to be Fermion repelling and Higgs vacuum eating objects at all scales, down to sunspots and ball lightning, able to form pairs with matter concentration in between.

Planetary nebula with paired black holes.

Sunspots: Micro black holes
There is something knotty in the Helix nebula.

Plato’s allegory of the cave is still to date.
We humans live in a dark cave with only a little light information coming from outside to make still guesses about the real world and our destiny.
KNOTTY dark matter sources of the Helix nebula represent the former “sunspots” of the former star, they seem to be less able to get in motion by the explosion of the star than normal atomic material. This is in line with the new black hole model. It is even suggested that these knotty micro black hole “sunspots” have a gas producing feature.

A possible evidence for the new stellar black hole model predicting two Solar polar black holes at long distance, described before,
should have be found by the MACHO (Massive astrophysical compact halo object) project team, cause by the expected gravitational lensing effects around the paired Solar polar located black holes.
I was highly pleased and amused to find a clear indication of at least one anomalous MACHO lensing effect located at l-b= 3.11-3.01!

MACHO survey based evidence for at least one of the two Stellar Anchor Black Holes (SABH) of our Sun, located at (l-b) = (3.11-3.01) degrees, by the anomalous high MACHO field 104 see:

Microlensing Optical Depth towards the Galactic Bulge Using Clump Giants from the MACHO Survey. P. Popowski1, K. Griest2, et all.

Short quotation of the tam on field 104:

“Finally, we discuss the possibility of anomalous duration distribution of events in the field 104 centred on (l, b) = (3.◦11,−3.◦01)


The title of this book, The new GOD Particle and Free Will, could be exposed into the sub-title:
“The forms and features of the new GOD Particle introduce “New Physics” and as the ultimate consequence a new interpretation of Free Will and Free Energy.
It was the famous astronomer Halton Arp of the Max Planck institute at Gaerching/Muenchen who stimulated me to do extensive research on physics and astronomy by his positive qualification on my research, in his book: “Seeing Red” published by. Apeiron Montreal 1998.
At page 191 under: “An amateur spots the crucial patterns” he wrote: “The empirical pattern recognition, which has so drastically changed our view of extra-galactic astronomy in this book, is based on the recurrent evidence of pairing of active objects across large low redshift galaxies. The tyranny of the observations is to insist on opposite ejection of extra galactic material as a ubiquitous process that operates on all scales. How is it possible that the exquisitely trained professional scientists have not recognized this evidence? To make the point that it is not the evidence but the viewer that is the key here, I want to present Figure 7-20. These are examples from a page, which an architect named Leo Vuyk sent me.”
So, yes I am an amateur in physics and astronomy, I have a masters degree in architecture and building engineering, ( TU Delft 1972) highly interested in large and small scale structure formation of spaces, from social housing up to university hospitals, but I was in addition able to do incidental research at the university of Utrecht at the physics and astronomy department.
In the beginning, I focussed myself on the formation and shapes of astronomical structures at different scales.
I found out, that from the smallest Herbig Haro structures to the largest Galaxy clusters so called pairing dumbbell patterns can be observed, which in my view could introduce crucial implications for dark matter. This was leading to a new interpretation of black holes and dark energy.
However, this was also the origin of new ideas on the microscopic scale, leading to the proposal for a new energetic oscillating entangled Higgs vacuum with the oscillating Higgs particle inside.

The until now by experiment unresolved Higgs particle is generally called the “God Particle”.

Halton Arp’s book was published in 1998, ten years separated from this book, which describes the results of what I in addition was able to “construct” out of this new vision on dark matter and dark energy.

A second firm help to do research for this book is also found inside the essays called “Speakable and unspeakable in quantum mechanis” made by John Steward Bell (1928-1990), especially those essays which are related to his “Bell theorem” and the so called “Broglie-Bohm theory”.
It is my conviction that the new physics solutions presented in this book, are only a small step beyond the Bell/Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics described in his essays.

My proposal for a new double Stern Gerlach experiment to prove the existence of a local multi-particle entanglement between silver atoms, is the proof of this statement. It should have been very easy for John Bell to proposed this experiment by himself, because all the theoretical ingredients where there at that moment.

The main NEW results of this book are:

The NEW vacuum is filled up with a super dense triangular shaped lattice structure of energetic oscillating and scattering Higgs particles able to give Fermions their "eigen energy" and able to transmit photon particle information along the chiral vacuum lattice lines.
Particles (Fermions and Bosons) are real shaped particles with a definite Form instead of wave-functions, all these shapes are originated from the variable shape of the Higgs-vacuum particles. All particles are supposed to be guided continuously by so called “entanglement at a distance” acting between their copy partners located at a small distance inside the experimental setting (as a form of non-local hidden variable) AND at a large distance between copy anti-universes.

As long as there are only two correlated particles to measure, we may not speak of a so called “non-local hidden variable” situation, because there is no hidden polarisation relation with other particles, as is proposed to act inside a normal Stern Gerlach experiment.
A NEW cyclic symmetrical “raspberry shaped” Big Bang proposal is described as the evaporation in stages of a central Big Crunch black hole.
All NEW black holes of different sizes, are the only origin of dark matter, they seem to be able to repel fermions from its horizon leaving hydrogen clouds behind as is visible at merging Galaxies such as Cygnus-A dual hotspots.
The NEW energetic oscillating Higgs vacuum lattice is assumed to be the origin of all dark energy effects and able to MIMIC relativity rules, down to a measurable scale. It introduces a new kind of measurable preferred vacuum reference frame dubbed “Local Anti-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame” (LASOF).
Consequently it looks as if Mainstream physics has been looking for clues of reality way beyond reality; however it is obvious that there was a firm reason to do so. Only small anomalies measured outside this Earth can tell us the real truth about what is really happening outside the cave (called earth) we are sitting in, like Plato already mentioned.

Plato’s allegory of the cave is still actual. We humans live in a dark cave with only a little light information coming from outside, to make continuous guesses about the real world and our destiny.
This book is an attempt to shed some alternative light into the cave based on small anomalies found outside this world.

Leo Vuyk.

The new God particle and the second Law.

The different forms of Gas pillars and star formation inside Milky tell us the story of a New Physics. If the second Law of Thermodynamics is violated near "NEW Black Holes", then this is a sign of new physics and at the same time the description of unexplained energized x-ray point sources, such as all Quasar Hotspots, Sunspots, Herbig Haro Hotspots, Comets and Ball Lightning, should become possible.
If we look at the Carina Nebula, we may become a strong suspicion for such phenomena, by recognizing pairing black holes as the base for new Herbig Haro objects which are known as the origin of new open star clusters. However we need to find the mechanism behind these pairing black holes, which could be found by a new interpretation of the Higgs based vacuum.
Only if we assume that the Higgs vacuum is a dense network or lattice occupied by fast oscillating FORM changing Higgs particles and that Fermions are real spinning propeller shaped particles able to make a SPIN-FLIP at the Black hole horizon and repel from it.
Then we may have a logical foundation for violation of thermodynamics at the black hole horizon. However, in that case, the vacuum is supposed to be a super dense God particle based particle system with a memory for speed and position of particles.
Can we find support for such a weird proposal in the history of physics?
I think we can.
It was David Bohm and John Bell and others, like Jean Pierre Vigier and Basil Hiley, who tried to get an alternative picture and a more ontological sound proposal for physical reality.
However they failed to propose experimental differences with the standard theory to get a broad support from the physics community and the mathematical changes they proposed where not seen by the mainstream as a better alternative.

This is also described by Paul Davies and John Brown in “The Ghost in the atom” described later in this book.
In my book however I will explain and describe several useful experiments to do the job to create a foundation for such a real alternative.
That is to say, to understand those new experiments, we have to change our understanding of reality by descending down to the smallest microstructures such as the electron and the positron and we have to go up to the largest scale: the universe as a whole including the Big bang.

We will observe that the guiding system for particles we need just like David Bohm proposed (The Pilot wave) but did not find, should be about the same system as the guiding system for our free choices and free will.
This guiding system I dubbed: Multi-universal entanglement between anti-material universes located inside the raspberry shaped multiverse.

Free Will.
The brush of an artist is freely guided over the canvas while painting. We say the artist guides his brush in full freedom because he uses his free will to do so.
We also may say that historical events like wars or military interference are based on free will of the responsible presidents or responsible decision makers. But is this really the case? What we see, is the different morality of these two examples. In this book I will try to give an answer to the question of free will, based on rigorous causal reasoning and my new model of the world around us, which is made falsifiable and testable by a handful of future- but also by historical experiments already.

That new model is based on the unusual but most simple hypothesis for a new kind of Big Bang, together with the assumption, that our universe is STILL fully symmetric from the start in the form of a raspberry shaped multi universe, the "multiverse". The Big Bang should be interpreted as the Fractal evaporation of a Big Crunch black hole, into an even set of symmetric and EPR related bubbles of copy universes.

As a result, we live in a material bubble of the symmetric raspberry multiverse which is without time delay "entangled at a long distance" with the other (anti)-material copy bubbles. "EPR related" means that the particle system is based on the results of recent laboratory experiments originally based on the ideas of Einstein Podolski and Rosen (EPR). The EPR experiments demonstrated that particles that shared originally the same "identical state" remain instantly and enduringly connected, even at long distances like universal scales.

As a start I give here some thoughts of other thinkers about free will, also with a clear difference on morality impact.
The Arthur Schopenhauer idea about free will with a moral aspect:
I can do what I will: I can, if I will, give everything I have to the poor and thus become poor myself — if I will! But I cannot will this, because the opposing motives have much too much power over me for me to be able to. On the other hand, if I had a different character, even to the extent that I were a saint, then I would be able to will it. But then I could not keep from willing it, and hence I would have to do so.

The Rene Descartes idea: Cogito ergo sum: I think therefore I am.
To lift a tip of the solution described in this book, I would say beforehand, that the physics of the universe seem to have the possibility of moral aspects in itself. This hypothesis is in line with other thinkers like Teilhard de Chardin (Noƶsphere, global consciousness) and Frank Tipler, who both predicted that all historical and actual information about our world is stored somewhere in the vacuum around the Earth, however my physical underpinning is quite different. My own conviction about this subject is that the vacuum of the universe has a much more dense unresolved microscopic structure then mainstream physics wants to accept at this moment.
This vacuum structure is supposed to be able to store, like a digital RAM -read and address memory-, all our individual thoughts ideas and actions. More in detail: It is as if the Earth as a whole makes backup copies of itself every split second and leave these copies behind in the form of a ring around the Sun.

We humans seem to be able to tap information (backwards) out of this digital memory.
More consequently, we are “forced” to constantly tap information out of this vacuum system, in the form of our dreams, creative intuition and even partly our human urges. Our social and moral behavior and habits are supposed to be influenced by this memory and as a consequence, the completion of this memory with its own Earth bound morality (good or bad) could be the ultimate goal of humanity as a local part of a much larger universal whole.
As a result, it is the base for our personal IDENTITY and perhaps even the origin for a scientific based astrology in the future, if the ring structure around the sun of this cosmic vacuum memory could be observed by scientific experiments.

I am very pleased about recent (2007) laboratory results found by Marcel Brass ( Gent) and Patrick Haggard (London) , which do confirm the well known work of Benjamin Libet on free will and his brain research on so called motor reaction times of subjects in the laboratory. These findings are also a strong refutation of the recent free will ideas of Daniel Dennett, who fiercely attacked Libet in his book “Freedom evolves” (2003).
It looks as if our free will can only be described as “not doing” or aborting at the last possible moment our intentions, in full agreement with Benjamin Libet's proposal for free will. The Zen Buddhist philosophy of the importance of “not doing” will be also of interest here.

Einstein as a child, tried to imagine how the world would look like from the position of a photon. If imagination is the motor of our changing interpretation of the world, then we should work on our imagination of the universe at all scales. Then the imaginative interpretation of the visual aspects of the Cosmos could be the base for real discrimination and order. If the collapse of the wavefunction is the only way for nature to make a choice then the explanation for human choices and FREE WILL should be related to wavefunction collapse.

One of the most recent and accessible descriptions of the great problems of physics, inspired me to write this book because I boldly think I can shed some modest alternative light. It is called “the Trouble with Physics” written by Lee Smolin, a well known physicist.

The five great problems in theoretical physics he describes are chosen to be the base for this book.. The possible alternatives that I invented for those problems seem just to fit in his descriptions. The five problems are described as follows:

1: Explain how all the particles and forces are manifestations of a single entity (the GOD particle) the unification of particles and forces. 2: How are the values chosen of the free constants in the standard model of particle physics. 3: Explain dark matter and dark energy. 4: Combine general relativity and quantum theory into a single theory that can claim to be the complete theory of nature, also called the quantum gravity problem. 5: Resolve the problems in the foundations of quantum mechanics either by making sense of the standing theory or invent a new one.

To explain Free Will we also seem to need a new model of reality.
So I hope you will enjoy reading this book, but I must apologize for the crash you could experience about your own personal SELF. The world seems to be split in two -or even more- interconnected “entangled” mirror symmetrical parts and you are only partly responsible for your decisions you make.
However, as a consequence, You are not alone! We all are at a long distance direct related-in all our actions, dreams and thoughts- to our identical (anti-) counterparts at the other side of our universal bubble.
Is there consequently nothing left of a single personal identity, who has a single possibility to choose and could be the guiding entity for the others?
There is a small possibility yes, based on the existence of little deviations in the existing experiments made by Benjamin Libet and others. It is called "incidental pre-planning", which has got no scientific attention as far as I know. In a private letter, Benjamin Libet wrote that he was not able to reproduce the statistics of these incidental pre-planning events of his experiments, because they where "Buried" in his computer files.
As a weird but logic consequence, this Libet experiment should be reproduced to find out about the percentages of "incidental preplanning" to be able to peculate about the number of entangled copy universes.

Free Energy.

Vacuum energy is supposed by mainstream physics to be energy exists in space even when devoid of matter. This vacuum energy is supposed to be the origin of all the fundamental forces, the electromagnetic- strong- weak- and gravity forces.
It is found to be present in experiments like the spontaneous emission of light or gamma radiation, the , Van der Waals bonds, Casimir effect, the Lamb shift, etc; and in this book it is thought to have consequences for the behavior of the “symmetrical entangled” Universe on cosmological scales.
In this book I support the idea that the vacuum is able to produce this vacuum energy by the autonomous oscillation of densely tetrahedral shaped system (lattice) of Higgs particles. These Higgs particles are supposed to be the origin of all other particles (the God particle) by a simple change of their rigid FORM. Thus Fermions have also real rigid forms and are supposed to have a propeller shape to become spin by Higgs scattering coming in from all directions.
If the Higgs oscillations have a random globular impulse on a fermion, we may conclude that the fermion is in equilibrium with the Higgs vacuum in free space and if each impact is represented by one Higgs vector we may speak of a so symmetrical Higgs impulse vector Hedgehog (IVH).
If this vector Hedgehog is anti-symmetrical, the fermion may have an absolute motion through the vacuum, (Lorentz polarization) or the fermion is accelerated by a fundamental force like gravity!

At the borders of a black hole these fermions seem to have an opposite reaction to the Higgs impact hedgehog. As a result fermions are not able to enter the horizon of a black hole.
As a consequence ENTROPY is decreasing around the horizon of a black hole and the universe is served with Free Energy, or a "lage scale Casimir effect", the origin of all non-Newtonian complexity in the universe like Cygnus A, ( see below) the origin of so called dark energy effects and perhaps even an alternative energy source on earth!
If the second Law of Thermodynamics doesn't hold for "Dark Energy" or “Dark Matter”, then the description of unexplained energized x-ray point sources, such as Sunspots, Comets and Ball Lightning, should be one of the highest scientific goals, to generate a firm alternative for fossil fuel. (see electric generator design, page 92, fig 2.8.5-2.8.6.)

Leo Vuyk.

An unexpected NEWSCIENTIST support: "Parallel universes make quantum sense" and "IF YOU think of yourself as unique, think again.":http://space.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=mg19526223.700&feedId=online-news_rss20

Monday, March 26, 2007

A DOUBLE MAGNET Stern Gerlach based experiment to support the new multiparticle entanglement system supposed to be active between vaporized silver atoms.

The difference between the up and down atom in the Stern Gerlach experiment.
For my latest Vixra letter on the subject see:

The original experimental result, printed on Gerlach's postcard to Niels Bohr dated Febr. 8-1922.

Proposal for a new DOUBLE MAGNET Stern Gerlach experiment to show howthe first vaporized silver atom, measured inside the S_G magnet, ismanipulating the polarization of the rest of the vaporized silveratoms coming in, to be measured in the same S_G magnet.It was John S. Bell who described an unresolved problem connected tothe well known STERN-GERLACH MAGNET experiment, one of the basicexperiments of all Quantum Mechanics.He described the so called "lack of smearing" of the silver atoms onthe screen as crucial and unresolved.He argued that the non polarized atom coming into the S-G magnetshould all have a different curved pathway into the direction of thescreen, which should result into a smeared profile of silver atom-dots on the screen, which isnot the case!Until now I have not experienced a reasonable logic explanation forthis problem in the literature.However if we assume that the first particle which is measured by the magnet, influences the polarisation of the next particles by a non-local guiding entanglement system, then what could be called "multi-particle entanglement" comes here into play.Then there is a possibility for a delicate TEST which could resolve the problem and be a firm support for so called “non-local hidden variables” because all the next incoming particles have a “hidden” polarisation up or down before coming into the magnet.

see below, double click for enlargement: FIVE other NEW experiments described on this weblog,


Keywords: Reconciliation of QM with GR. The outlines of a Theory of everything (TOE)


Consequently: Particle Form, Higgs-vacuum oscillations and "Entanglement" at several scales, are the three major elements for this new view on reality. "Mimicking Relativity" means that the search for small anomalies in local lightspeed and ZPE (zero point energy) lensing effects around Black holes, or Large scale Casimir effects, will be of highest importance.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The cyclic CPT Symmetric RASPBERRY Multiverse, fractal based by black hole evaporation.

Breaking news:6-june 2012.
Hawking's "Escher Verse"could be theory of everything

via: Gamze Dogan and 
or Newscientist


What is the reason that massive galaxies and colossal black holes where formed in the early universe?
The origin must be that the big bang could be compared with the “splitting” of the colossal Big Crunch black hole, as remnant of the raspberry shaped cyclic multiverse.
See recent astronomical evidences:
Massive Galaxies Formed When Universe Was Young, New Findings Suggest
Colossal Black Holes Common In Early Universe, Spectacular Galactic Collision Suggests
First, a small intorduction on Galaxies inthe early universe.

Fractal spacetime foam and the CPT symmetric universe.


recently found by NASA, see:

According to this new model of the universe, Dark flow must be seen as a clear sign of the CONTRACTION of the MULTIVERSE. See "point-symmetric" raspberry shaped Multiverse evaporation scheme called the "CPT symmetric Multiverse cycle" http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ArDoWzECXSo/Rf6jEHCTB6I/AAAAAAAAAIk/WViiXpmcfd0/s1600-h/Big+Bang+Cycles+2.jpg see the difference between

A: Higgs particles enclosed inside black hole nuclei ( Dark energy)

B: Oscillating Higgs particles inside the Higgs space lattice (Dark Matter)

C: Fermionic matter originated at the Fermion repulsive horizon of black holes.

Pffff you will say, this is all too much at once for me.


The multiverse in its point symmetric raspberry shape is contracting as a whole instead of expanding!

The idea of expansion is supposed to be based on the false interpretation of Hubble redshift increase with distance.

Hubble redshift should only be interpreted as the result of Space deformation by the consumption of Higgs space by Dark Matter: the network of massive black holes located around Galaxies and smaller black holes INSIDE galaxies.

Recent astronomical research did show us, that several (31) galaxy clusters do not produce a so called CMB radiation shadow!!
Cross section of the Fractal shaped CPT symmetric Raspberry (or world egg) Multiverse, with HUGE VOID ( Cold Spot) in the middle and 31 Galaxies without CMB shadowing:

.Reference: Lieu, Mittaz and Shuang-Nan Zhang, UAH, "The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in a sample of 31 clusters: A comparison between the X-ray predicted and WMAP observed decrement,"

Two anomalous observations, support the raspberry (world egg) multiverse hypothesis.

(for world egg, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_egg )
also from wikipedia under "cold spot" in the CMB:

"A controversial claim by Laura Mersini-Houghton is that it could be the imprint of another universe beyond our own, caused by quantum entanglement between universes before they were separated by cosmic inflation.[12] Laura Mersini-Houghton said, "Standard cosmology cannot explain such a giant cosmic hole" and made the remarkable hypothesis that the WMAP cold spot is "… the unmistakable imprint of another universe beyond the edge of our own." If true this provides the first empirical evidence for a parallel universe (though theoretical models of parallel universes existed previously). It would also support string theory. The team claims there are testable consequences for its theory. "

At the same time there seems to be a HUGE VOID in the "Early universe".

The topology of a "raspberry universe"could solve the puzzle, see above.

The creation of our material universe.

To create a material universe, we need a symmetry breaking system.
Mainstream physics tells us that symmetry breaking after the big bang, was based on a huge anti-symmetrical annihilation process leaving the material universe behind.
How this should work is even to day not well understood.

The new chiral Model.According to this new physics model, electrons and positrons (in fact all fermions) have a rigid propeller microstructure, propelled by the oscillating Higgs vacuum, which is supposed to have a "chiral" lattice structure.

This makes that electrons prefer less than positrons to merge with Gluons/Photons to become a Quark. Just that simple could nature be.
If electrons and positrons are able to merge with photons into compound quarks, then it is clearly not needed to start the big bang with a huge annihilation process, because then we only need a "chiral" vacuum with a right- or left handed spiral structure..

A second support for a chiral vacuum lattice in our Universe, is that it solves a long standing mystery why Amino acids on Earth but also in space (in Astroids), are preferentially left handed.
One of the most simple example for a basic building block of the vacuum lattice, ( fractal spacetime foam on Planckian scales (coined by Renate Loll)) you will find below. The three outer edges of the compound tetrahedrons are all able to make a full 360 degr. spiral in axial direction. They have a srew-like or helical structure.

The need for a chiral vacuum, to be the base for a material and anti-material raspberry shaped cyclic multiverse.

Example for Raspberry shaped CPT entangled universes ( the multiverse) .

If there are 6 universes, ( the cubic model below) there will remain only a small "void" in the middle. If there are 12 entangled universes in a "Raspberry configuration" then a "huge void" will be possible in the middle.

Recently such a huge void has been found in the so called WMAP background radiation see:

A new system to explain the existence of DARK MATTER and DARK ENERGY.

IF the vacuum is crowded with a super dense crystalline Lattice of oscillating Higgs particles and IF Black hole nuclei are crowded with tightly packed real and flexible Higgs particles each with a certain bow tension, THEN we may expect a causal Big Bang of an evaporating Big Crunch Black hole.

The Inflation starts if the decreasing vacuum pressure on the outside of the Big Crunch nucleus, originated by oscillating and attracted Higgs particles, equals the increasing Higgs particle tension, originated by the mutual bow tension of the increasing number of Higgs particles hidden inside the Big crunch Black hole nucleus.

All these evaporated particles are supposed to have 4-8-10- 12 multi entangled –anti-particle counterparts able to form equal numbers of separated entangled copy universes in RASPBERRY shape “at a long distance”.

After contraction, the universe will rebound and begin expanding again - the ultimate in cosmic recycling.

The Cyclic CPT symmetric bouncing Universe is a Multiverse!.

Interesting related article in Newscientist:

The free lunch that made our universe.
Astronomers had yet to demonstrate that there was enough dark matter to stop the universe expanding forever, but we theorists were confident that our universe was flat.

The key point, however, is that with zero total energy, Aquinas's puzzle is resolvable. And once the energy fluctuations of quantum mechanics are thrown into the mix, the idea of something arising from nothing can become not just possible, but necessary.
Purists will argue that this begs the question of how the physical laws that make it all possible arose. Nevertheless, science has once again altered the playing field for such metaphysical speculations in a dramatic and beautiful way.


Occam's principle states that the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating those assumptions that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis or theory.

Does the former multiverse idea including entangled copy universes correspond with this Occam's principle?

YES, because we need to assume the existence of CPT POINT-symmetry in the universe, and all other new physics inventions presented in this book, if we want to explain our world and all the (small) anomalies, in a non-mathematical way, as is presented further in this book.


Lee Smolin's book "The Trouble with Physics" analyzes the present problems in theoretical physics.
"How unusual is it for three decades to pass without major progress in fundamental physics?
Even if we look back more than two hundred years, to a time when science was the concern mostly of wealthy amateurs, it is unprecedented. Since at least the late 18 e century, significant progress has been made on crucial questions every quarter century!!" (Quotation taken from the introduction)For further book review,
I would recommend: Backreaction: Lee Smolin's Trouble with Physics

In this web blog, the result based on logic combination of experimental evidence and cosmological observation, is that a different CPT (Charge Parity and Time) symmetric oscillating Multiverse emerges out of an evaporating Black hole Big Bang with a natural INFLATION TIME.

This Multiverse is expanding and contracting at the same time ending up into a Big Crunch as the beginning of a new cycle.
Galaxies are accelerated out of the centre, but the finite vacuum is contracting, it is "eaten" by the increasing number of Black holes.Probably all Black holes are equipped with a Fermion repelling horizon and the origin of Dark matter.
A super-dense oscillating Higgs particle vacuum, seems to be the origin of an enormous amount of Dark Energy, accelerating Galaxies but also accelerating star formation by Black hole vacuum energy lensing effects. As a consequence, the Quantum mechanical universe is abe to mimic relativity in a very complex way, Fermion propellers and even photons are guided by entanglement between universes..

As a result you will find in this book traces of possible solutions for Lee Smolin’s list of the five big problems in physics.

1: Combine general relativity and quantum theory into one single theory that can claim to be the complete theory of nature. (e.g. Quantum gravity)
2: Resolve the problems in the foundations of quantum mechanics or find another one that does make sense.
3. How can we explain the various particles and forces as the manifestations of a single fundamental entity.
4. Explain how the free constants in the standard model of particle physics are chosen in nature.
5. Explain dark matter and dark energy. Or, if they don’t exist, explain how and why gravity is modified on large scales. (e.g. the origin of expansion acceleration of Galaxies in the universe)

Some definitions.

HIGGS PARTICLES, (Dark Energy) are supposed to have a specific FORM able to change shape by collision and to be the origin of all other particles (the God particle).
Thus Fermions and Photons/Gluons/Neutrinos have also real rigid different forms.
Higgs particles are supposed to oscillate with a Universal defined constant frequency along a Three-Dimensional shaped network of tetrahedral shaped lattices with the Planck length (and variable length around black holes) .
All Higgs particles oscillate with the same cycle through the universe but with variable speed dependent of the vacuum lattice length.
The lattice length is forced to vary in the neighborhood of black holes due to the absorption of the vacuum lattice including the Higgs particles around black holes, leading to light path curvation.

FERMIONS are form-changed Higgs particles supposed to have a real propeller shape and are able to become a double spin state by Higgs scattering by oscillations.
These Higgs oscillations are coming in from directions according to the so called oscillating vacuum lattice, which is tetrahedral in its basic form.
The Higgs scattering process with Fermions produce Photons (called Gluons on short- Quark related-range) of different Form (5 types: Gravitons, two magnetic and two electric (monopole) Photon/Gluons).
Fermions have the ability to merge or “click on” with the non-propeller shaped Photon/Gluons, to produce Quarks.
Fermions are supposed to spin outside the vacuum lattice but are energized and driven to spin, by the continuous scattering with the Higgs particles. Each collision with a Fermion does change one real Higgs into a Higgs particle with a particular photon quality depending on the angle of scattering attack of the Higgs to the Fermion. Thus the spin and "eigen energy" of the Fermion is supposed to come from the scattering of the Higgs field.

(Micro) BLACK HOLES. ( Dark Matter)
The Black hole is supposed to be a particle graveyard with a real particle nucleus containing real particles, which are densely packed together by the Higgs vacuum scattering pressure from outside.
The black hole is not able to emit graviton or other photonic information outside the horizon, because the Higgs vacuum lattice being the transport medium for Photons, is absorbed by the black hole nucleus itself.
This could be called a constant Casimir pressure on the black hole nucleus.
As a result, the Black hole has a “Light horizon” with a radius depending on the number of nuclear Higgs particles.
The absence of graviton emission has a strange consequence:
Nothing is supposed to spin by Higgs scattering inside the Black hole nucleus.
Conclusion: Only real spinning Fermions can have mass, by emitting gravity photon information. As a consequence, Gravity is the scattering influence of TWO particles: the scattering pushing influence of Gravitons on Fermions and also the counter balancing pressure of the Higgs vacuum system. (for alternative adapted Feynman diagrams see:
Micro black holes are supposed to act as Ball lightning, Comet nuclei, Sunspots, Herbig Haro objects.
It is assumed that due to the strong curvature of the micro Black hole horizon pair production and even Quark production takes place, even able to produce complete atoms like Hydroxyl found around Comet nuclei.

PHOTONS, are oscillating Higgs particles with a photon memory able to transfer this photon memory with the local speed of light. The vacuum is a ultra dense energetic oscillating lattice of REAL Higgs particles, which are able to transport photon information like graviton-, electric,- magnetic and etc. etc along the lattice. There is no need that the REAL form of the Higgs particle during Photon transportation through the vacuum is transformed into the real photonic shape. ONLY at the moment of scattering with Fermions the shape of the Higgs particle should change into the real photonic shape to be able to transfer a force by scattering or by merging (e.g. Gluons). Thus each Higgs particle should have a Photonic memory.

HIGGS IMPULSE VECTOR HEDGEHOG. Despite the triangular form of the vacuum lattice on average we may assume that the Higgs oscillations have a random globular impulse on a Fermion. This can be made visible by a globular set of impulse vectors around the Fermion coined impulse Hedgehog.
However if some Higgs particles are programmed as a photon, then the impulse Hedgehog changes and will transfer a one sided force on the Fermion (e.g. gravity, magnetic-or electric forces, push or pull forces).

MASS is the variable (variable by Lorentz-transformation) capacity of real spinning Fermions, to change real scattering Higgs particles into the same number of Higgs-Graviton-Photon particles with a specific graviton memory.

MOTION, (through the oscillating vacuum lattice frame) is the (Lorentz-transformed) capacity of real spinning Fermions, to change scattering Higgs particles into as much Higgs/Photon particles in all directions but in NON-equal numbers around the spin polarized Fermion. The spin polarization of the Fermion relative to the vacuum lattice is supposed to be the origin of polarized emission of gravitons and also the origin of real mass increase and length contraction of atoms.

ACCELERATION, (through the oscillating vacuum lattice frame) is the (Lorentz-transformed) capacity of real spinning Fermions, to change scattering Higgs particles into as much Higgs/Photon particles in all directions but in NON-equal numbers around the spin polarized Fermion. The numbers of emitted Higgs-Photon particles into the direction of motion are supposed to increase relative to the amount of acceleration. (Synchrotron radiation )

QUANTUM GRAVITY, is the balancing result between the impulse differences of Higgs and Higgs-Graviton photonic scattering on spinning Fermions. If represented as a non-globular impulse vector field around the Fermion we could call this a anti-symmetrical Gravity Hedgehog.

See also:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The NEW black hole paradigm. Black Hole Lensing and Large scale Caismir propulsion effect

Second Law violation: or entropy decrease in a former Comet.
Hyperion seems to be a former Comet which is abandoned by its former NEW Black hole nucleus.
(Double click for enlargement.)

  My book: The New GOD Particle and Free Will is now available also as e-book by LuLu.com under:

Mira is also a black hole?
Is Mira a black hole and accelerated by a large scale one-sided Casimir ( black hole) effect?
The recent discovered particle- Tail and bow shock of Mira, is very interesting because Mira is ploughing through the resistance of its own particle bow shock of hot gas. (see photo).
It is assumed that the "star" can only be able to plough through its particle bow- for all these years- by an extra force. This could be a so called large scaleCasimir force, as described below.
As a consequence, Mira is not a star but a "NEW PHYSICS" Black Hole equipped with the thin shell of a fermion repelling horizon, forming a real fermion trap.This horizon shell is supposed to originate a large scale Casimir effect, by the push of the "tail" on the fermion repelling horizon.
My suggestion for this one-sided ( or anti-symmetric) large scaleCasimir force, as the origin of the acceleration of Mira, is not a so called violation of the second law of thermodynamics, if Mira is a black hole.
It is well known that there is still discussion on the question about the increase of entropy around or inside a black hole. Secondly, if the vacuum oscillations as the origin of the Casimirforce represent the so called "dark energy", then Mira and all other black holes are not "isolated systems", they could be seen as connected with this dark energy all over the universe.

 Evidence for the existence of Solar polar electron jets, an indication for a double set of Solar Anchor Black Holes.
Southwest Research Institute, 1050 Walnut Street, Suite 426, Boulder, CO 80302; deforest=boulder.swri.edu


Origins of the Solar Polar Jets –
Coordinated SOHO and TRACE Observations

 Small migrating Kreutz Comet black holes around the sun:
see; SOHO Comet Paths: LASCO C2
By Michael Oates
The NEW migrating energy lensing Black hole.

All Black holes are supposed to have a globular Fermion repelling horizon ( see above, gravity inversion) and as a result, they will produce real atoms at once, and attract the resulting gas in the shape of a shell “bouncing” on and around their horizon, as is identified around the two lobes of Cygnus-A. ( see photo above and also alternative elementary particle scheme based on deformed Higgs particles)
However, this gas shell will not be stable in thickness because of possible massive attractors like stars in the neighbourhood, this will be the propeller system of the migrating Black hole.

Since this PROPELLER force is generated by the vacuum itself, we may call this effect : a LARGE SCALE ONE- SIDED CASIMIR EFFECT.
As an example, if a massive star of a binary system explodes and forms a black hole, then it is proposed (counter intuitive) that the black hole will migrate away from its partner.
As a result, there will not exist combined binary systems like Pulsars, with a black hole as one of the partners.
If such a migrating black hole meets a partner, the masses of both gas tails will come into play.
If the gravitational effect between these tails is large enough, then it is expected that these tails will all of a sudden SWING around and form a gas BAR in between the two Black holes.
It is supposed that these bars are sometimes still visible in Spiral Galaxies.
The two or even more black holes will start to travel away from each other, by the electron synchrotron emitting electron jet, which will start to run if enough gas has been gathered in between these black holes. (see Cygnus-A) see also:
Fermion repelling horizon of NEW black holes is the origin of new Cosmological effects like icy Comet nucleus formation and nuclear abandoning.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cygnus-A Black Hole Lensing with free energy Ionisation effects

Cygnus-A the perfect example of a cosmic electric generator.

Cygnus-A as giant electron accellerator: The radio lobes receive their energy from jets which originate in the nucleus and extend 0.2 Mpc. The radio radiation is produced by synchrotron emission of relativistic electrons. Radio galaxies are giant particle accelerators with Ee˜10^12 eV.

see; Munich Astrophysics Introductory Course Lecture ( fall 2007)http://www.mpe.mpg.de/~bender/imprs/imprs_chapter_12_2007_active_galaxies.pdf

Radio Bridge FRII in Cygnus A with hotspots (black holes) at the end.
The ionized plasma jets are mainly electron jets. positive ionized atoms stay back at the center of the galaxy. This can according to Quantum FFF Theory be explained, by the new Black Hole physics (paradigm) of Fermion repulsion at the BH horizon, and the double cone shaped polarization structure of the space between the separated black holes.
leading to what is called anomalous resistivity and ion-electron drag, leading to an enormous current and magnetic field!! The electric universe!!

The Hubble background of I Zwicky 18 contains several clear cut early galaxy dumbbell structures, with the same structure as Herbig Haro objects, just like Cygnus-A, see below.

In the forground we see: the small I Zwicky 18 Galaxy, with companion, which has also a clear dumbbell structure like Cygnus-A. Conclusion: this companion-Galaxy should be the intermediate Galaxy form between Cygnus-A and I Zwicky 18 itself.
Cloud formation around Cygnus-A with double electron jet structure and ionisation of interstellar matter.
I Zwicky ( leftside) and companion together.

The "mainstream interpretation" of CYGNUS A is that a giant black hole is located at the centre of this bipolar Galaxy, which emits bipolar synchrotron jets.
These jets are interfering with the interstellar medium creating "lobes"and they end in so called "hotspots".

However, according to Quantum FFF theory, the fact the Cygnus A is so extraordinary luminous has to be found in the observation that there are not two hotspots but four hotspots and probably because these NEW black hole hotspots have a considerable size.
Four hotspots in line with each other is a sign for a so called merger of two "early" spiral galaxies with aligned polar axes.

For merging Galaxies see:

My alternative interpretation of Cygnus A, is based on the simple rigid "4x elbow macaroni" particle model, able to change form and combine into compound quarks.
As a result Fermions are repelled from the horizon of these NEW massless black holes, which is the main reason to change black hole places for all cosmological systems equipped with a bipolar structure and thus for Cygnus A.
Synchrotron radiation and magnetic fields.

At the same time electrons are accellerated in the form of jets "pushing"the two black holes away from the centre, ( Fermion repelling horizon) and form ionized zones in combination with synchrotron radiation and large magnetic fields streching over the whole area.
Cygnus A:
At least 2 dual "new" black holes, located inside the hotspots at the end of the synchrotron emitting electron jets ( and not inside the centre) plus the large magnetic fields are the origin of gravitational-red shifted and electrified plasma and ionized gas.
Positive charged inside the centre and negative charged at the lobes it is THE example of a cosmic powerhouse and gas- and star forming region, which is nearer than we thought, because the redshift is supposed to be gravitational around a hotspot black hole!
Comparable dual black hole based systems with different sized Black Holes, are supposed to be the main origin of all complex cosmological systems from Herbig Haro systems up to Galaxy Clusters and the origin of Dark Matter.