Quantum FFF Rigid String Theory ( FFF= Function Follws string Form)

QUANTUM FFF topological STRING THEORY and the Fermion Propeller.

If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle Dark Matter Black Hole (ELISIUM DM- BH) nucleus into smaller DM-BH nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the DM-BH based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro star/galaxy creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see oriental basin of the moon) .Conclusion, all Bhs are: "Negative Charged Electric Dark Matter Black Holes" with a rigid open string sector with intrinsic 3x hinging curvature.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Big Bang Black Holes, Comets and Ball Lightning with Rigid String Nuclei in Quantum FFF Theory.

My next book title?.
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Imho, Black hole nuclei are NOT singularities but bunches of rigid vacuum Strings, compressed by the incoming vacuum flux pressure.
Black holes have even no mass (or inertia) because they do not emit gravitons.  
However they seem to have emerging quantum gravity from the external flux vacuum ( Casimir) pressure.  Reason to postulate that the Quantum gravity picture should show, that Gravitons  are vacuum flux particles converted by Fermion collision, which exert less individual collisionary pressure on other Fermions than non-converted vacuum quanta coined "massless Axion/Higgs" vacuum field particles. 
Interpreted by me as dipole repeller gravity.
Bosons should also be able to convert vacuum strings by collision conversion into as much graviton strings. 
see: Emergent Gravity by Dipole Repeller Rigid String Pressure the Origin of Quantum Gravity and Non Inertial Black Holes.

Interference black hole string nuclei as Comets and unstable Earth bound Comets and Ball lightning.

Below: Earth bound Comet splitting a small nucleus without icy shell able to plow into the wind opposite to the "mother"nucleus with a massive ice shell accelerated from a different location with a different wind direction.
One of the best evidences that self propelling micro Comets on Earth ( see also next photos) are not Comets from space but have relations with ball lightnings as observed in Japan. ( also showing energetic propulsion against the local wind direction.) 

Ball Lightning and ( earth bound) micro Comets are supposed to be interference black holes just like space Comets created by the sun magnetic interference at the sun's surface. 
These fresh naked black hole nuclei should be much larger than ball lightning nuclei, but also able to accelerate away from the solar gravity driven by its plasma tail,  pointing into the sun's direction and pushing the new comet away forming an ice shell around it by pair production at the globular horizon.

Micro black hole stringy nucleus: How we could imagine Magnetic particle based string interference into ( unstable) micro comets or ball lightning nuclei. However, You need three magnetic or four X-ray monopole strings to form such knots.

Enceladus fountains are a smoking gun for the crashed comet model of Quantum FFF Theory. also responsible for the growing earth model. see: https://bigbang-entanglement.blogspot.com/2018/06/expanding-earth-by-growing-water-based.html 
also:  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/315679692_An_Alternative_Stringy_Black_Hole_nucleus_with_Entropy_Decrease_and_Plasma_Creation

Equal sized black hole nuclei do not merge into each other!
Fermiones ( propellers) even do not fall into BHs, they are all pushed away! into jets.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Big Bang is filling Empty Space except for some inflation blind spots

The Big Bang should be interpreted as a splitting dark matter black hole stringy nucleus, filling Empty Space with a stringy flux vacuum lattice except for some early inflation blind spots.

According to the Quantum FFF Theory conjecture, we live inside one of a specific number of Charge Parity symmetric copy universes coming out of a huge Axion/Higgs rigid string black hole nucleus explosion. Exploding into (1) Chunks of Primordial Dark Matter Black Hole (Primordial black holes) and (2) into the oscillating Axion/Higgs field string flux-vacuum by black hole evaporation.    
However, In the short inflation era  not all “Empty Space” can seemingly be filled at once , see image below, which seems to be the origin of several blind spots found in the early universe.

see: https://ucrtoday.ucr.edu/53447 

Black holes EAT the Axion/Higgs field oscillating dark energy vacuum lattice,
However In the early inflation this vacuum lattice seems to have holes between the Lyman Alpha forest.

see also:

Dipole Repeller Gravity, between a pressing Graviton and the Dark Energy pressure ( Casimir) of the  Vacuum Flux or better the oscillating Axion/Higgs field. see:
Emergent Gravity by Dipole Repeller Rigid String Pressure the Origin of Quantum Gravity and Non Inertial Black Holes.

The secret of interference black hole magnetic monopole stringy nuclei.

2x Early GABHs in the Perseus Galaxy Custer.

2x GABHs in the Perseus Custer.
Hitomi satellite images of the Perseus galaxy cluster ( 2016) showing clear evidence of Dumbbell gas structure around Early Galaxy Anchor Black Holes ( GABHs) according Quantum-FFF Theory
Below: Two equal sized black holes (after early splitting after the big bang ) being the principle for fast Star/Galaxy formation ( Herbig Haro) by “pressure cooker” vacuum effect on gas.
The role of black holes in galaxy formation.
Andrew Fabian of Cambridge University told Gizmodo:
“The intracluster gas is quieter than expected. We expected that the level would be higher based on the activity of the central galaxy.”
But this result isn’t just an astonishing refuge of calm in a stormy galaxy. It also provides us insight into just what role black holes play in how galaxies do—or don’t—form.
Of course, the finding underscores how little we still know about the role of black holes in galaxy formation. see:

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

One thing leads to another.? (with a certain multiverse ratio.)

A new quantum device, defies the concepts of ‘before’ and ‘after’

One thing leads to another. 
It sounds obvious, but in the quantum realm, the saying doesn’t always ring true. A new quantum device can jumble up a sequence of two events so that they take place in both orders simultaneously, researchers report in a paper in press in Physical Review Letters.

My conclusion : also the quantum switch is influenced by the multi-duality (long distant  multi- entanglement) of the new physics copy multiverse. see: 
Bohmian Double Slit Interpretation by Dual Entangled Universes, and the Benjamin Libet experiment.
see also:
A Testable CP Symmetric Multiverse Model by Extended Experiments, Done by the Late Benjamin Libet in 1964.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Solving the Cusp/ Core Proble in Dwarf Galaxies.

According to Justin Read. (Surrey):
1; Dwarf Galazies with MORE star formation have LOWER central matter densities.
2; This is reason to suggest, that the local dark matter is heated up ( cusps) by baryonic processes.
3: If so, this solves the Cusp/Core problem for dwarf galaxies in the LCDM ( Lambda Cold Dark Matter model)
Quantum FFF Theory says however:
1: Dark Matter is the same as ( non singularty) Black Holes with different "masses" or better Axion/ Higgs particle nuclear seizes. (being the Cusp origin in some Dwarfs.)
2 Star formation stops around central black holes growing by eating smaller black holes.
3 Star formation can only start between two equal sized black holes often recognized as Herbig Haro systems. which represent the center of the cusps.
Dark Matter Black Hole Galaxy Hierarchy according to Quantum FFF Theory.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Penrose interpretation of Hawking hotspots in the CMB: A black hole signal from a former universe


This idea is base for new physics of black holes !! Not based on a singularity but on concentration of black holes into a Big Crunch black hole stuffed with virgin particles able to split again into splinters and chunks and evaporate into a new vacuum Axion Higgs field. So: the "bouncing multiverse is coming!"

Below example of different dual combinations of Hawking hotspots, with possible processing as a support for the new particle based black hole paradigm. ( Quantum FFF Theory)
Support for a new black hole paradigm:
The Magic of the New Electric Dark Matter Black Hole on Earth and Space..

Smaller hotspots buried deeper in the Planck data.

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Big Bounce depicted for only one universe according to Quantum FFF Model.

The Splitting Electric Dark Matter- Black Hole- Big Bang and the Cyclic Multiverse.
see also:
The Magic of the New Electric Dark Matter Black Hole on Earth and Space..

Primordial Electric Dark Matter Black Holes outside Galaxies responsible for the creation and contraction of a Cyclic Universe.


According to Quantum FFF Theory, we live inside one of a specific number of Charge Parity symmetric copy universes coming out of a huge ( Axion/Higgs rigid string black hole nucleus = Dark Matter). All copy string particles are guided by long distance (holographic) multiverse entanglement and transformable by mutual collision into all Standard model particles and more. Such as  monopole bosons or massless Axion/Higgs vacuum particles (Dark Energy) , responsible for the Casimir effect and half of all other SM semi pressure forces.        

LOOK at the Hawking points ! Roger Penrose at all. seems to know that these points are the remnant black holes of a former universe.  Of course !
In Quantum FFF Theory, they represent exploded and evaporating Big Bang Black Hole chunks ( Splinters) of the original virgin-particle Big Bang Nucleus concentrated by a Big Crunch. ( see above)
It is all in the details.

The Beginning and End of Time.
Multiverse cycle time versus quantities of real (SM) particles, Dark Matter Black Hole (DMBH) nuclear particles and dual oscillating Dark Energy Axion/Higgs /Casimir field particles.

The entangled cyclic Multiverse depicted as continuous flow of increasing and decreasing numbers of Higgs particles located inside Electric Dark Matter Black Hole ( EDMBH) Nuclei, or free oscillating in the chiral Tetrahedron shaped vacuum lattice or derived as real SM particles.

A= The End of Time of the former multiverse.
All SM (StandardModel) particles and most Axion Higgs particles equipped with internal pressurized tension are located inside the Big Crunch Black Hole Nucleus, compressed by the decreasing- pressure and number of  the oscillating Axion/Higgs /Casimir vacuum particles, with the Big Bang explosion as result.
B= If the decreasing Vacuum pressure is equal to the growing Big Crunch Black Hole ( BCBH), The beginning of Time and expansion has started, by the Big Crunch/ Big Bang Nucleus splitting into primordial BHs into a fractal shaped Lyman Alpha forest, the start of pairing and plasma forming dual Herbig Haro BH hotspots with bullet stars in between, forming galaxies by a fast Super  Nova process. Primordial BHs partly evaporate into the Dark Energy Axion/Higgs field.
C= The start of the Multiverse vacuum contraction due to vacuum absorbtion by the growing numbers of dark matter (Supernova) black holes.   
The HUBBLE REDSHIFT is supposed to be A SIDE EFFECT of proliferated dark matter black holes of various sizes ABSORBING and DILUTING the Higgs vacuum lattice, the origin of   local variable PLANCK lengths and LIGHTSPEED.                       
Examples are (star-)sunspot BHs– Cometary nuclear BHs,  DUAL Herbig Haro BHs as presursors of SABHs and GABHs ( Stellar- or Galaxy Anchor BHs).
D= The total number of particles during the cyclic process is constant!
According to the Quantum Function Follows Form model.
See:  <a href="https://tudelft.academia.edu/LeoVuyk/Papers" rel="nofollow">tudelft.academia.edu/LeoVuyk/Papers</a>

Extract of the Quantum Function Follows Form model.

1: Black holes are the same as Dark Matter, they all consume photons, even gravitons and the Higgs field, but REPEL all infalling Fermions at a new Repulsion horizon .  Positron electron pairs are produced with only few annihilation effects due to merging of positrons with Gluons into positive charged Quarks, located at the inside leaving the electrons at the outside of a globular plasma shell around the BH.
2: Dark Energy is the oscillating ( Casimir) energy of the Higgs Field equipped with a tetrahedron lattice structure and variable Planck length, which is increased around black holes by the Higgs field absorption of the BH.
3: Quantum Gravity = Dual Push gravity= Attraction (Higgs-Casimir pressure opposing Graviton pressure).
4: The Big Bang is a Splitting dark matter Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH), splitting into smaller Primordial Big Bang Splinters (PBBS) forming the Fractal Lyman Alpha forest and evaporating partly into a zero mass energetic oscillating Higgs particle based Higgs field.
5: Dual PBBSs hotspots, produce central plasma concentration in electric Herbig Haro systems as a base for star formation in open star clusters even as a start for primordial Spiral Galaxies and galaxy clusters.
6: Spiral Galaxies will keep both Primordial Dark Matter Black Holes as Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) connected by dual jets at long distance: (Milky Way= 27k Light years, based on recent observation)
7: After Galaxy Merging, these GABHs are the origin of
Galaxy- and Magnetic field complexity and newly formed dwarf galaxies in between GABHs
8: Black Holes produce Plasma direct out of the Higgs field by pair production. Two high energy Higgs particles ( by fluctuations at BH horizons) are convertible into symmetric electron and positron (or even dual quark-) propellers.
9: The chirality of the (Left Handed spiralling) vacuum lattice is the origin our material universe. Consequently A; propeller shaped positrons merge preferentially first with gluons to form (u) Quarks to form Hydrogen, B: neutrinos are always left handed .
10: The first Supernovas produce medium sized electric dark matter Black Holes as the base for secondary electric Herbig Haro systems the base for open star clusters.
11: ALL Dark Matter Black Holes are supposed to be CHARGE SEPARATORS with internal positive charge and an external globular shell of negative charged Quark electron plasma. Even interference black holes (Ball lightning- Comets and Sunspots) seem to have the same qualities.
12: The light speed is related to gravity fields like the earth with long extinction distances to adapt with the solar gravity field both acting as reference frames. (See radar reflection anomaly on Venus)
13. Quantum FFF Theory states that the “raspberry shaped multiverse” is symmetric and instant entangled down to the smallest quantum level. Also down to living and dying Schroedinger CATS.
14 Large Primordial Big Bang Splinters (PBBS) are responsible for the creation of the Lyman Alpha forest structure and first spiral galaxy forming of the universe, but they seem to be also responsible for the implosion of the universe by the absorption of the Higgs field, in the form of Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) located mainly outside galaxies. see: (See Quasisoft Chandra sources)
15, As a consequence of 12-14, Time is always local time in combination with cyclic period time of the multiverse.

16, If our material universes has a chiral left handed oscillating Higgs field, then our material Right Handed DNA helix molecule could be explained.
However it also suggests that in our opposing symmetric ANTI-MATERIAL entangled neighbour universe the DNA helix should have a Left handed spiral.

According to Max Tegmark: in an entangled multiverse we may ask: is there COPY PERSON over there, who is reading the same lines as I do?
If this COPY person is indeed living over there, then even our consciousness should be shared in a sort of entangled DEMOCRATIC form.
Then we are not alone with our thoughts and doubts, see:
Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse.
<a href="http://vixra.org/pdf/1401.0071v2.pdf" rel="nofollow">vixra.org/pdf/1401.0071v2.pdf</a>
17, All particles and waves should be entangled with anti-copy particles and Higgs field based waves in our opposing anti universes.
Then wave particle duality and the so called one particle double slit interference could be explained by accepting that real shaped 3D photon particles only exist in their function of Gluons. However Gluons should transfer form information to the oscillating luminiferous Higgs field ether, within about 1 cm distance from a fermion.(see: Babock and Bergman anomaly,1964)
18, Different elementary particles have different qualities by their different complex stringy shape. Leptons and  Quarks have a propeller shape with left or right handed pitch creating charge difference. Gluons, Photons and Neutrino particles have no pitch.
20 All particles can be converted to one or more Higgs particles, Lepto  Quarks can be compound particles.
21 All particles are assumed to be present as Higgs particles already in the cyclic Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH) after the former multiverse has collapsed into a Big Crunch Black Hole.
22, We seem to live inside one material universal bubble of an instant entangled  (Charge Parity Time) CPT symmetric raspberry bubble multiverse. Each quantum jump or wave function collapse or human choice is guided by this instant entanglement at long distant.

see also:
The Splitting Dark Matter- Black Hole- Big Bang and the Cyclic Multiverse. ( 2013)
A Fifth Force Vacuum Dipole Repeller, Needed to Create all Attraction Forces even around Black Holes in Quantum FFF Theory.

Primordial Electric Dark Matter Black Holes Outside Galaxies Responsible for the Creation and Contraction of a Cyclic Multi-Universe.
The Origin of Life and the Need for a Rigid String Propeller Fermion Model combined with a Chiral Vacuum Lattice and Micro Interference Black Holes.