Quantum FFF Rigid String Theory ( FFF= Function Follws string Form)

QUANTUM FFF topological STRING THEORY and the Fermion Propeller.

If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle Dark Matter Black Hole (ELISIUM DM- BH) nucleus into smaller DM-BH nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the DM-BH based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro star/galaxy creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see oriental basin of the moon) .Conclusion, all Bhs are: "Negative Charged Electric Dark Matter Black Holes" with a rigid open string sector with intrinsic 3x hinging curvature.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Splitting and pairing black holes the origin of a magic self organizing universe

Splitting and pairing elecric dark matter black holes. Magic self propelling in space and even on earth according to Quantum FFF theory.

Attention: In contrast with paired "free floating " dark matter black holes outside the crowded galaxy centers, these central supernova dark matter black holes are supposed to form Pulsar black hole binaries creating food for the growing central black hole. The growing central black hole is supposed to be the start of the Big Crunch dark matter black hole.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family generation of dark matter production history in the fractal univers.

Large scale dark matter  shows dual ring structure. (above) Single galaxy dark matter of the Milky Way also! (below) (Q-FFF model)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Alternative ( N+S) Monopole radiation based magnetic field interpretation

Alternative ( N+S) Monopole radiation based magnetic field interpretation measured with permalloy tube and a simple self leveling compass.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Long distance paired galaxy merger dark matter black holes and primordial stellar BHs.

Comparison between long distance paired galaxy merger dark matter based Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) and short distance dark matter  Cepheids proposed to be the result of paired primordial Stellar Anchor Black holes (or Herbig Haro bowshocks) without a galaxy merging function.
see also: https://www.flickr.com/photos/93308747@N05/24551977342/in/photostream

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ZPE energy by Vajra antenna?

Harvesting Free Energy from the Higgs field around two black holes or ball lightnings by a Vajra configured antenna system.

According to Quantum FFF theory, Fermions are all pushed away from the black hole horizon, with different strength for Quarks or electrons, due to the Fermion propeller shape and opposite Lorentz polarisation against the Higgs vacuum inflow to the black hole.
The inflowing Higgs field including all integral radiation however, will be absorbed by the black hole and NOT radiated back .
As a result this is supposed to feed the black hole nucleus and let the black hole grow from a certain nuclear size without external extra help such as magnetic interference energy found in Sprites and Lightning!!
For smaller black hole nuclei however, the energetic inflow of the Higgs/photon field seems to be able to collide and ruin the BH nucleus, as is often observed for Balllightning.

I would call this the "CRITICAL Black Hole Nuclear Evaporation SIZE" which seem to be between ball lightning nuclei and Cometary nuclei..
To use the BH electrical anode field ( see below) for harvesting free ZPE energy however, we need at least two stabilized  micro BHs of the same size as ball lightnings have.
To stabilize such nuclei, will need a constant input of magnetic field interference coming from at least three precise directions, in accordance with the Silicon lattice used for the production of small fireballs in the lab.
As a consequence we need to create two sets of at least three antennas focussing radio energy into a central point, which could resemble the ancient weapon of the Gods called Vajra.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dark 'noodles' may lurk in the Milky Way

New discovery by Australian scientists radically challenges our understanding of gas conditions in the Milky Way

YES: SABHs ( Stellar Anchor Black holes) related to planetary systems which are supposed to be all the remnants of open star clusters . according to Quantum FFF Theory. 
However not all sizes of black holes can have the same Hazelnut lensing effect. 
Conclusion this research could be the start of the discrimination between the sizes of BHs related to their function as Herbig Haro bowshock BHs etc. and a recently proposed Plasma creation out of the Higgs vacuum or a so called secondary inflation of the universe. 
(See Bok globules below)

(text from Sciencedaily) 
They figured out this behaviour was the work of our Galaxy's invisible 'atmosphere', a thin gas of electrically charged particles which fills the space between the stars.
"Lumps in this gas work like lenses, focusing and defocusing the radio waves, making them appear to strengthen and weaken over a period of days, weeks or months," Dr Bannister said.
These episodes were so hard to find that researchers had given up looking for them.   But Dr Bannister and his colleagues realised they could do it with CSIRO's Compact Array..
January 21, 2016 Source: CSIRO Australia
Invisible structures shaped like noodles, lasagne sheets or hazelnuts could be floating around in our Galaxy radically challenging our understanding of gas conditions in the Milky Way. Astronomers say the structures appear to be 'lumps' in the thin gas that lies between the stars in our Galaxy. The observations were made possible by an innovative new technique.
Journal Reference:

  1. K. W. Bannister, J. Stevens, A. V. Tuntsov, M. A. Walker, S. Johnston, C. Reynolds, H. Bignall. Real-time detection of an extreme scattering event: Constraints on Galactic plasma lensesScience, 2016; 351 (6271): 354 DOI:10.1126/science.aac7673
  3. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/01/160121145140.htm

Thursday, January 21, 2016

LHC 125+750+XXX? GeV, LHC Higgs results, presented as 3D Quantum knots

Strings could be rigid particles but internal shape-convertible by mutual collision and able to interlock with one or even more other particles to form quarks and some fermions.(muon taon)
This could lead to a Sub quantum torus folding topology or 3-D Particle system called Quantum Function Follows Form model.
A 16 dimensional torus as a base for a convertible Higgs vacuum particle could be the base for everything in the universe.

If the single Hiiggs vacuum particle has the torus form with internal equally shaped 4x quarter parts forming 4x macaroni shape, then we may call these parts 4 dimensions.
If those 4 parts are connected by three hinges, able to rotate with adjacent quarter parts over 90 degrees clicks, then we may count: 3x4= 12 extra dimensions.
Conclusion, the Higgs torus particle could have 12+4=16 dimensions.
see also: https://www.flickr.com/photos/93308747@N05/albums/72157633110734398

Secondly, that complex photon based knots are supposed to be the origin of complex massive particles created in the LHC. (with 125, 750 and more GeV, see below)
However in the Quantum FFF Model, the oscllating Higgs lattice length has the Planck scale and fills the vacuum lattice up with decreasing lattice densities around black holes.
The Higgs is bounching with fermions and change form into all sorts of photons which keep up with the local lattice photon transfer speed around massive objects such as Earth and the Sun.
see: https://www.academia.edu/8467271/The_O_Connell_effect_in_eclipsing_binaries_explained_by_mass_related_light_speed_extinction_distances_LASOF_of_stars_and_even_planets

Around black holes, the local  polarisation of the Higgs lattice is supposed to be the origin of energetic dual Higgs collision and form change into "pair production" Fermions like the Electron and Positron, Muon Taon and even Quarks.
This is supposed to be the origin of a secondary inflation process as a continuous process building stars and galaxies.
see : https://www.academia.edu/6610669/3_Dimensional_String_Based_Alternative_Particles_Model

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The LIGO rumors keep on. Did they find remnants of the ETHER DRIFT?

Did they find the ETHER DRIFT?
Lubos Motl wrote today:
"LIGO rumors reflect genuine, healthy excitement
Steven T. Corneliussen of Physics Today wrote a somewhat critical text about the wave of LIGO rumors that escalated one week ago: Physics gossip vs. physics news
Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss is often cited as a source, mainly because his rumors are relatively quickly spread through a large number of his Twitter followers
 Your humble correspondent is often quoted as the propagator of the most precise rumors.
Wait for February 11th to hear the announcement. And you will learn about at least two events.
And at least one of them will be the detection of a merger of two black holes each of which weighs at least 10 solar masses. ;-)"
My reaction:
The time LIGO takes befor the publication is so large that there must be more at stake here.
I expect that the discovery of the LIGO project is breath taking beyond the merging of black holes.
I guess the detection of the aether would do the job to take our breath..
The apparatus resembles a large scale perfect Michelson and Morley  experiment able to show microscopic variabilities.
see: https://www.academia.edu/8467271/The_O_Connell_effect_in_eclipsing_binaries_explained_by_mass_related_light_speed_extinction_distances_LASOF_of_stars_and_even_planets

Monday, January 18, 2016



For years, Stephen Hawking (and Hartle) has been applying the No Boundary Proposal, or the idea that the universe is “closed“ and can have a beginning, and an end, however still exist forever. 
I will call this a closed cyclic universe and for symmetry reasons a cyclic entangled raspberry shaped multiverse based on my proposal for the Quantum Function Follows Form (FFF) model. 
The Form and Microstructure of elementary particles, is supposed to be the origin of Functional differences between Higgs- Graviton- Photon- and Fermion particles. 
As a consequence, a new paradigm splitting, accelerating and pairing massless Dark Matter Black Hole (without Graviton production) is able to convert vacuum energy (ZPE) into real energy by entropy decrease and quark electron positron production at the black hole horizon. 
Secondly, a Chiral dark energy Higgs vacuum lattice, is able to explain quick Gas and Dust production without large annihilation at the black hole horizon and Galaxy- and Star formation. 
Even microscopic black holes like Sunspots, (Micro) Comets, Lightning bolts, Sprite Fireballs and Ball Lightning seem to produce gas. 
However only the largest Primordial Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) located far outside galaxies, are supposed to stop gas and dust production and by merging with other black holes they should be the ultimate origin of universal contraction into a Big Crunch and a cyclic multiverse. 
The Hubble redshift, in contrast with the mainstream, is supposed to originate local vacuum lattice dilution created by local dark matter black holes. 
All black holes eat the Higgs vacuum lattice with a local Planck length increase and universal Hubble redshift - as the result and the base for frequency decrease of a passing photon. 
As a result, The universe is not in accelerated expansion and GABHs are only observable by their background lensing effect and as quasi-soft x-ray sources, to be found in particular around merger galaxies, due to swirling gas and dust expelled from the galaxies. .

 According to the new BH paradigm, electrons and positrons are both pushed away from the Black Hole horizon at different distances, forming TWO different charged separated spheres, with Quark ( plasma) formation in between. How is this possible? Only if the oscillating Higgs vacuum Lattice (tetrahedral shaped) has a preferred chirality. 
So in our Material universe, all the Higgs oscillations follow spiral vacuum lattices. The vacuum lattices form together the edges of a 3 dimensional tetrahedral system. Each lattice is supposed to be shaped as a left handed spiral and divided into at least three connected parts. 
As a result all neutrinos are left handed! because the neutrino information travels in the form of an Higgs oscillation along these edges. Each lattice is equipped with two opposite oscillating Higgs field particles, able to transfer photonic and neutrino information with the local speed of light. Neutrinos and photons are suppose to travel not as particles but as specific Higgs oscillations along different lattice paths of the chiral vacuum lattice, with the local speed of light.. 
At the same time, positrons must have a preferred spin (OLO left=L) they catch a Gluon to form a u-quark ( OLO+ROR) which is better protected for the aggressive oscillations of the left handed Higgs field than an electron ORO combined with the mirror Gluon LOL forming a right handed anti- d-Quark! (figure: 2 and ref: 4) 
As a consequence, New paradigm Black Holes are CHARGE SPLITTERS violating the 2e law, combined with a micro big bang plasma creation process! Explanation: it is assumed that Quantum fluctuations around strongly curved (small) BH horizons produce pairs of leptons. e-,e+ and even compound quarks (d, u, etc, see Fermion 3D string propeller theory: Fermion repelling by Lorentz polarized spin flip). 
 As a consequence, the Big Bang did not produce instantly all the Fermions in the universes. Even now lots of Fermions are produced- in the form of negative charged plasma- by most BHs (see Comets, ball lightning.) 3 Small Black holes ( in Starspots, Ball Lightning and Comets like 67P- CG) are hot and produce gas as observed: . [N II], [OIII], and Hα. 
The result can be described as follows: 
1: Black holes are the same as Dark Matter, they all consume photons, even gravitons and the Higgs field, but REPEL Fermions due to their propeller shape. They produce electric charged plasma. 
2: Dark Energy is the oscillating ( Casimir) energy of the Higgs Field equipped with a tetrahedron lattice structure with variable Planck length.. 
3: Quantum Gravity = Dual Push gravity= Attraction (Higgs-Casimir opposing Graviton push). 
4: The Big Bang is a Splitting dark matter Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH), splitting into smaller Primordial Big Bang Splinters (PBBS) forming the Fractal Lyman Alpha forest and evaporating partly into a zero mass energetic oscillating Higgs particle based Higgs field. 
5: Dual PBBSs hotspots, produce central plasma concentration in electric Herbig Haro systems as a base for star formation in open star clusters as a start for Spiral Galaxies. 
6: Spiral Galaxies will keep both Primordial Dark Matter Black Holes as Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) at long distance. 
7: After Galaxy Merging, these GABHs are the origin of Galaxy- and Magnetic field complexity and distant dwarf galaxies . 
8: Black Holes produce Plasma direct out of the Higgs field because two Higgs particles are convertible into symmetric electron and positron (or even dual quark-) propellers (by BH horizon fluctuations). 
9: The chirality of the (spiralling) vacuum lattice is the origin our material universe. (propeller shaped positrons merge preferentially first with gluons to form (u) Quarks to form Hydrogen. 
10: The first Supernovas produce medium sized Black Holes as the base for secondary Herbig Haro systems and open star clusters. 
11: ALL Dark Matter Black Holes are supposed to be CHARGE SEPARATORS with internal positive charge and an external globular shell of negative charged Quark electron plasma. 
12: The lightspeed is related to gravity fields like the earth with long extinction distances to adapt with the solar gravity field. 
13. Quantum FFF Theory states that the raspberry shaped multiverse is symmetric and instant entangled down to the smallest quantum level. Also down to living and dying CATS in BOXES. 
14 Large Primordial Big Bang Splinters (PBBS) are responsible for the creation of the Lyman Alpha forest structure and first spiral galaxy forming of the universe, but they seem to be also responsible for the implosion of the universe at the end in the form of Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) located mainly outside galaxies. see: (Quasisoft Chandra sources) 
15, As a consequence of 12-14, Time is always local time in combination with cyclic period time of the multiverse. 
16, If our material universes has a chiral left handed oscillating Higgs field, then our material Right Handed DNA helix molecule could be explained. However it also suggests that in our opposing symmetric ANTI-MATERIAL entangled neighbor universe the DNA helix should have a Left handed spiral. 
According to Max Tegmark: in an entangled multiverse we may ask: is there COPY PERSON over there, who is reading the same lines as I do? 4 If this COPY person is indeed living over there, then even our consciousness should be shared in a sort of entangled DEMOCRATIC form. Then we are not alone with our thoughts and doubts, see: Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse. 
17, All particles and waves should be entangled with anti-copy particles and Higgs field based waves in our opposing anti universes. Then wave particle duality and the so called one particle double slit interference could be explained by accepting that real shaped 3D photon particles only exist in their function of Gluons. However Gluons should transfer form information to the oscillating luminiferous Higgs field ether, within about 1 cm distance from a fermion.(see: Babock and Bergman anomaly,1964) 18, Different elementary particles have different qualities by their different complex stringy shape. Leptons and Quarks have a propeller shape with left or right handed pitch creating charge difference. Gluons, Photons and Neutrino particles have no pitch. 
19 All particles can be converted to one or more Higgs particles, Lepto Quarks can be compound particles. 
20 All particles are assumed to be present as Higgs particles already in the cyclic Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH) after the former multiverse has collapsed into a Big Crunch Black Hole. 
21, We seem to live inside one material universal bubble of an instant entangled (Charge Parity Time) CPT symmetric raspberry bubble multiverse. 
Each quantum jump or wave function collapse or human choice is guided by this instant entanglement at long distant. If our material universes has a chiral oscillating Higgs field, then our material Right Handed DNA helix molecule could be explained. 
However it also suggests that in our opposing ANTI-MATERIAL multiverse neighbour universe the DNA helix should have a LEFT HANDED spiral. 
According to Max Tegmark: in an entangled multiverse we may ask: is there COPY PERSON over there, who is reading the same lines as I do? 
If this COPY person is indeed living over there, then even our consciousness should be shared in a sort of DEMOCRATIC form, 
Then we are not alone with our thoughts and doubts, see: Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse. http://vixra.org/pdf/1401.0071v2.pdf

Secondary inflation? YES, but a little bit different according to Quantum FFF theory

Secondary inflation? YES, but a little bit different according to Quantum FFF theory..
Dark matter ( black hole) inflation comes first and then plasma creation out of the Higgsfield vacuum.

Q-FFF theory is saying: the BIG bang is a splitting (external charged) Dark Matter Black Hole.
Dual dark matter BHs create plasma concentration  in between ( out of the vacuum,not out of the BBang!!) creating a giant star and after a continuous hyper nova process, later a spiral galaxy and by merging into an elliptical galaxy. see:

and: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/01/160114213454.htm
and Inflatable dark matter:  http://arxiv.org/pdf/1507.08660v1.pdf

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Salam, Vigier, Bell, Bohm and Feynman ideas, form the foundation of Q-FFF Theory.

The Qunatum-FFF model combines some old dissident ideas of 5 well known physicists, with a new Dual-Universal Big Bang without broken symmetry, and a new Dual Universal EPR (Einstein Podolski and Rosen) correlation model, coined "Big Bang Entanglement".
It was Abdus Salam who proposed that quarks and leptons should have a sub-quantum level structure, and that they are compound hardrock particles with a specific non-zero sized form. Jean Paul Vigier postulated that quarks and leptons are "pushed around" by an energetic sea of vacuum particles.
David Bohm suggested in contrast with The "Copenhagen interpretation", that reality is not created by the eye of the human observer, and second: elementary particles should be "guided by a pilot wave". John Bell argued that the motion of mass related to the surrounding vacuum reference frame, should originate real
"Lorentz-transformations", and also real relativistic measurable contraction.
Richard Feynman postulated the idea of an all pervading energetic quantum vacuum. He rejected it, because it should originate resistance for every mass in motion, relative to the reference frame of the quantum vacuum.
However, I postulate the strange and counter intuitive possibility, that this resistance for mass in motion, can be compensated, if we combine the ideas of Vigier, Bell, Bohm and Salam, and a new dual universal Bohmian "pilot wave", which is interpreted as the EPR correlation (or Big Bang entanglement) between individual elementary anti-mirror ( CPT symmetric) particles, living in dual universes.
see: http://migratingblackholes.blogspot.nl/2012/12/abstract.html

Comparable opposing time arrow ideas are recently also postulated Y Ahoronov ( a former student of Bohm) and  E. Cohen and T Shushi.
see: An Interaction between Two Systems with Opposing Time-Arrows

Q-FFF model is Non-Local Realism.

Feynman proposed vacuum resistance for real spinning fermions.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

FUNCTION FOLLOWS FORM in the Quantum world, with a NEW pairing massless Black Hole .: Is Less More in the Symmetric Multiverse? and a new paradigm for Free Will


Thus: Descarte's: "I think therefore I am" should change into: "I am
a QM system, which is always non-local instantaneous EPR correlated,
and in competition for Free Will by VETOING the choices of my
opposite anti-I, living in a dual anti-mirror universe, therefore We
are! We are dual co-authors of our common life".


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

FREE WILL to veto an act in the symmetric multiverse without a cat paradox.

we need no real free will for the creation of spontaneous- ideas or initiatives but we need VETO influence on our ideas and actions to become responsible for our actions and therefore wee could use universal symmetry.
Sabine Hossenfelder wrote:
“There is no free will in such a fundamental law because there is no “will” – there is just some randomness sprinkled over the determinism. In neither case do you have free will in any meaningful way.”
For the creation of ideas and initiatives, this should be correct, however it could be influenced by a VETO action.
“This randomness cannot be influenced by anything, and in particular it cannot be influenced by you, whatever you think “you” are.”
Seems also correct but she forget the veto possibility.
Benjamin Libet measured the so called electric Readiness Potential (RP) time to perform a volitional act, in the brains of his students and the time of conscious awareness (TCA) of that act, which appeared to come 500 m.sec behind the RP.
The “volitional act” was in principle based on the free choice to press an electric bell button.
The results of this experiment gives still an ongoing debate in the broad layers of the scientific community, because the results are still (also in recent experiments) in firm contrast with the expected idea of Free Will and causality.
However I would propose the absurd but constructive possibility that we are not alone for decision making in a multiverse as an individual person.
Even Max Tegmark suggested already about the multiverse: “Is there a copy of you reading this article?”
We could be instant entangled with at least one instant entangled anti-copy person living inside a Charge and Parity symmetric copy Universe.
In that case we could construct a causal explanation for Libet’s strange results.
New statistical difference research on RPI and RPII of repeated Libet experiments described here could support these ideas.
See: Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse.

and: FREE WILL to VETO, and the Wavefunction Collapse between universes.
The Raspberry shaped Super Symmetric Multiverse without a CAT paradox.

Thus: Descarte's: "I think therefore I am" should change into: "I am
a QM system, which is always non-local instantaneous correlated and in competition by VETOING the ideas of my opposite anti-I, living in a dual anti-mirror universe, therefore we are! 

We are dual co-authors of our common life".

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Monopole Fermion radiation according to the Quantum FFF Model

Comparison of Fermion spin/radiation diagram of Quantum FFF Theory (stiff propeller string with monopole radiation 1,2,3) and the Penrose diagram (flexible string with closed radiation loops: 4)

Hypothesis: The Higgsfield collisions with propeller fermions convert the massless Higgs into different shaped monopole photons and leaving into different axial directions.
Fig.1and 2: axial propeller rotation with 4x monopole sectors (magnetic, electric and graviton sectors)
Fig.3: Double coned magnetic monopole radiation (N+S) and merging electric (- for electrons) and graviton radiation emerges due to so called spin rotation. Magnetic monopole radiation trajectories are intrinsically curved to form closed fields.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Best choice for our position in the raspberry multiverse.

I may observe three extreme (elliptic shaped) fluctuations in the Cosmic Background radiation , which could tell us about our position inside the 8- fold raspberry (or blackberry)  multiverse, according to Quantum FFF Theory

However, If the Milky Way is screening a 4 th peak area, the the next poster tells us more.

Our position in the 8 or 12 !!! fold raspberry multiverse.  Elliptic shaped CMB peak radiations are tell tales. (left). At the right side a 12 fold  symmetric cube octahedron multiverse diagram is depicted with red: matter and green: anti matter entangled universes.

Th huge cold spot suggested ( by Q-FFF Theory)  to be the origin of the Big Bang. see: THIS

A very large cold spot that has been a mystery for over a decade can be explained according to a team at the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii. In 2004, astronomers examining a map of the radiation leftover from the Big Bang (the cosmic microwave background, or CMB) discovered the Cold Spot, a larger-than-expected unusually cold area of the sky. The physics surrounding the Big Bang theory predicts warmer and cooler spots of various sizes in the infant universe, but a spot this large and this cold was unexpected.

If the Cold Spot originated from the Big Bang itself, it could be a rare sign of exotic physics that the standard cosmology (basically, the Big Bang theory and related physics) does not explain. If, however, it is caused by a foreground structure between us and the CMB, it would be a sign that there is an extremely rare large-scale structure in the mass distribution of the universe.
In the spring of 2015, a team of astronomers led by Dr. István Szapudi of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa may have found an explanation for the existence of the Cold Spot, which Szapudi says may be “the largest individual structure ever identified by humanity.”
The Cold Spot area resides in the constellation Eridanus in the southern galactic hemisphere. The insets show the environment of this anomalous patch of the sky as mapped by Szapudi’s team using PS1 and WISE data and as observed in the cosmic microwave background temperature data taken by the Planck satellite. The angular diameter of the vast supervoid aligned with the Cold Spot, which exceeds 30 degrees, is marked by the white circles. Credit: Gergő Kránicz,  ESA Planck Collaboration. High-resolution version (6.6 Mb)

Monday, January 04, 2016

No giant black hole in the center of the Milky Way and most Spiral galaxies.

No giant black hole in the center of the Milky Way and most galaxies. Giant binary BHs are reserved for outside galaxies.
See THIS. and THIS. and THIS.

Even Andromeda seem to have no central x/ray source. see below.

What kind of new physics is hiding behind the LIGO rumors?

It is clear that it last anomalous long before a sign of life of an article about the LIGO findings is published.

The reason could be that not gravity waves from distant space, but new physics is underway.
 Such as a tiny "Michelson Morley" effect about the ether reference frame or gravity waves coming 
from the sun?
See  https://www.academia.edu/8467271/The_O_Connell_effect_in_eclipsing_binaries_explained_by_mass_related_light_speed_extinction_distances_LASOF_of_stars_and_even_planets



Friday, January 01, 2016

8 or 12x universes due to 3x or 4x anomalous peak areas in the CMB

Three peaks in the CMB radiation assumed to be the “contact areas” with neighbour universes (one anti-material and two material?)
The red peak area could have more energy due to much more annihilation processes between matter and antimatter, at the contact areas.

See also: https://briankoberlein.com/2015/12/21/strange-physics-cyclic-cosmology/
and THIS

The three peak areas can easely fit on an ellipse being a circle in 3D view on the CMB globule. It seems impossible to fit the 4th peak on an ellipse, conclusion:  we live inside one of the Eight raspberries of the multiverse.

Conclusion: a Dodecahedron multiverse seem to be not supported by observation of the CMB. peaks

Back to my older proposal for cubic or cubeoctahedron geometry, below.