Quantum FFF Rigid String Theory ( FFF= Function Follws string Form)

QUANTUM FFF STRING THEORY and the Propeller Fermion Propeller.

If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle Dark Matter Black Hole (DM- BH) nucleus into smaller DM-BH nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the DM-BH based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro star/galaxy creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see oriental basin of the moon) .Conclusion, all Bhs are: "Negative Charged Electric Dark Matter Black Holes" with a rigid open string sector with intrinsic 3x hinging curvature.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Galaxy Form and Formation by dual NEW PARADIGM primordial black holes (DARK MATTER)

Latest descovery of the influence of Galaxy Anchor Black Hole located on both sides of a Spiral Galaxy: dated 9-11-2010.
See also below: M82 Galaxy with huge gas clouds at both sides of the Galaxy.
NASA's Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in Our Galaxy.

Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) in action:

Giant black holes speeding up Galaxy formation, seem to be located on both sides of Spiral Galaxies, not in the Galaxy center! Only small black holes are expected to be there.

TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF CHARGED PLASMA GAS AND DUST produced by both Fermion producing and repelling black holes, moving away from the black holes, driven by electric fields, to the Galaxy CYGNUS -A.
The two GABHs are clearly visble on both sides of the Galaxy as distinct globules.

The shape of the spheroid seems to be a so called "prolate speroid".

First a small introduction on galaxy formation in the early universe A STRONG INDICATION THAT MASSIVE BLACK HOLES (DARK MATTER) ARE NOT LOCATED INSIDE THE CENTERS OF GALAXIES (2009):

Galaxy study hints at cracks in dark matter theories
19:10 30 September 2009 by Stuart Clark
For similar stories, visit the Cosmology Topic Guide

Dark matter is either weirder than we thought or does not exist at all, a new study suggests.
A galaxy is supposed to sit at the heart of a giant cloud of dark matter and interact with it through gravity alone. The dark matter originally provided enough attraction for the galaxy to form and now keeps it rotating. But observations are not bearing out this simple picture.
Since dark matter does not radiate light, astronomers infer its distribution by looking at how a galaxy's gas and stars are moving. Previous studies have suggested that dark matter must be uniformly distributed within a galaxy's central region – a confounding result since the dark matter's gravity should make it progressively denser towards a galaxy's centre.
Now, the tale has taken a deeper turn into the unknown, thanks to an analysis of the normal matter at the centres of 28 galaxies of all shapes and sizes. The study shows that there is always five times more dark matter than normal matter where the dark matter density has dropped to one-quarter of its central value.
Undiscovered force?
The finding goes against expectations because the ratio of dark to normal matter should depend on the galaxy's history – for example, whether it has merged with another galaxy or remained isolated during its entire existence. Mergers should skew the ratio of dark to normal matter on an individual basis.
"There is absolutely no rule in physics that explains these results," says study co-author Hong Sheng Zhao of the University of St Andrews in the UK.The authors suggest there may be an undiscovered force of nature working between the dark matter and the normal matter, since gravity alone cannot maintain this constant ratio

Radio image of Merger Galaxy NGC 5291, shows bipolar dark kold matter blobs (pink) as the obvious locations of Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs)

Evidence for the absence of Huge Black holes in the centre of galaxies, see the recent Hubble/Chandra surprize of NGC 4649:

It is said that only very few matter is found to be attrackted to the center of the Galaxy, WHY? the central Black hole seems to in a dormant state!!!

The pairing of primordial Galaxy Anchor Black holes hes a merger effect and seems to be the origin of Galaxy complexity.
BLACK HOLE PAIRS OR BETTER BINARY BLACK HOLES,  are the base for fast galaxy formation after the big bang.
Primordial black holes are supposed to be "left over" from the evaporation process of the bouncing Big Bang as giant black holes.

The next plate present three examples of early galaxies with two or even three "HOTSPOTS"
Acoording to FFF theory all these galaxies should present at least THREE hotspots, one large in the middle and two smaller ones which are aligned with the core of the galaxy. ( see the last image: SDSS: 1517-2145).  
However the angle of sight will be often reason to screen one of the smaller hotspots, as supposed to be the case in the first two images. (13-januari 2011)

The Sombrero Galaxy, an example of primordial Galaxy Anchor Black Hole merging complexity.
A simple Galaxy overview.
An unexpected NewScinetist support for dual Galaxy Anchor Black Holes ( GABHs), "Cosmic 'egg-beaters' may have left magnetic legacy":


Quate:"DID colossal spinning loops of energy whip up the magnetic fields that thread through galaxies and may even stretch across intergalactic space? That's the idea being put forward to explain the universe's mysterious magnetic fields.
"Wherever we look, we find a magnetic field," says Mark Wyman, a cosmologist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. "But nobody can explain where they came from."

Mainstream Physics is not able to explain the complexity of the Universe. It is a world of guessing about real Nature, like the origin of Galaxy form and formation or Dark matter rings around the Cl0024+17 Galaxy cluster.

As a consequence new experimental based tools ( see below, like magnetic monopole photons ( N+S), real (propeller) shaped Fermions), new ideas about the energetic oscillating (chiral) vacuum and NEW Black Holes are postulated.

As a result, “Galaxy Anchor Black Holes”, are supposed to be the seeds ( splinters) left over from a “new” Black Hole-splitting and evaporation Big Bang.
“Stellar and Galaxy Anchor Black Holes”: able to Migrate inside and outside Galaxies, able to find other migrating Black Holes and “merge” ( see: 3C75) creating "dual black holes" forming the opposite Lobes like the Cygnus- A Lobes with so called hotspots as the representation of the black holes .

GALAXY COMPLEXITY: is supposed to be possible from simple spiral Galaxies, equipped with only two "Galaxy Anchor Black holes" (GABHs) , up to Elliptical Galaxies with GABHs all around.
The Dark matter ring recently spotted in a Galaxy Cluster, has an obvious resemblance with a large scale Lenticular Galaxy form.
For ESA report see:
Hubble sees Dark matter ring in a galaxy cluster CL0024+17.
or extended: ZWCl0024+1652.

According to the alternative Dual Black hole (Dark Matter) system described before, for Galaxy Form and formation, it is a small step to suggest that the recently spotted Dark matter ring CL0024+17 is originated by a comparable system as is suggested for Lenticular Galaxies. ( see above)
As a result, two HUGE Big Bang evaporation black holes located symmetrical on the symmetry axis of the (Lenticular) Dark matter ring, seem to be responsible for the ring shape and even for the central Bulge of dark matter. ( licht blue coloured)

Conclusion: All ring shaped structures in space at all scales, from Cygnus-A, Eta Carina up to CL0024+17, seem to be formed by dual black hole influences.

Cygnus A, four gas producing black holes in line,

with gas concentration in the middle.

M82 Galaxy with huge double gas clouds.Here we see the atoms ( all equipped with extra electrons) which are produced by the Galaxy Anchor Black Holes ( GABHs) travelling ( by a combined gravity and electric force) into the direction of the Galaxy. This system is also the origin of so called "Cosmic Rays" (see image)

Cygnus A , is supposed to be THE example of a perfect Cosmic electric generator in between two or even more dual black holes in the form of a dumbbell.

(positive charged in the centre and negative charged at the lobes also called "electified plasmas")

How can we be so sure that only electrons are accellerated inside boith of the Cygnus A jets? Because scientists did not found traces of protons. see page 158 of:



How is it possible that these NEW Paradigm black holes are repelling fermions? All NEW Paradigm Black holes are supposed to have a local Fermion repelling horizon. Bosons are absorbed, but Fermions are repelled!! due to the special propeller form of Fermion particles, and the local Higgs structure of the vacuum at the black hole horizon , see below under "Higgs repulsion zone".

See also:

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Higgs-Graviton Quantum Gravity, Mass in motion and Fermion Consciousness

Dual Higgs-Graviton quantum gravity of this model can be described as a kind of dual "Macro Casimir effect" or Dual- or Double Le Sage gravity.
The total Higgs pressure from outside acting on a mass like the earth, is larger than the Higgs pressure coming from the inside of that mass, because inside the earth, many Higgs particles are assumed to change by collision with chiral Fermions into Gravitons.
Gravitons are supposed to have less pressure capacity than each Higgs particle.
Gravitons are supposed to be not able to change by collision into other particles.

Anti-symmetrical globular shaped HIGGS-GRAVITON impulse vector HEDGEHOG profiles, the origin of Quantum gravity.

If we imagine that the vacuum all around us is filled up with a Planck-scaled crystalline network of oscillating Higgs-particles, then the vacuum is MORE DENSE than a Neutron star's Fermion interior.

This is hardly to imagine, but a real possibility to explain all relativity effects .

If we also assume that Higgs particles have a special form which can change by collision into other forms, like electron- positron pairs or Gluons, Photons, and gravitons, then a sort of double LESAGE gravity is showing up. see for single LaSage gravity:

However the Quantum gravity which is the result of this interacting system of Higgs and Graviton particles with spinning Fermions, will show something extra a double LE SAGE gravity( see fig. A.)

Quantum Gravity at the surface of our Earth, will show an anti-symmetrical Globular Higgs pushing "impulse profile" ( like the Casimir force) in combination with a less strong one-sided Graviton impulse profile (9) pushing Fermions up instead of down!!

Click on the picture below for enlargement or download.

The impulse vector HEDGEHOG

for normal gravity on earth.

See also:
Quantum gravity as sum over spacetimes, by:
J. Ambjørn, J. Jurkiewicz and R. Loll, (University of Utrecht, NL)

The four-dimensional CDT model of quantum gravity is extremely simple.
It is the path integral over the class of causal geometries with a global time foliation.
In order to perform the summation explicitly, we introduce a grid of piecewise linear geometries, much in the same way as when defining the path integral in quantum mechanics. Next, we rotate each of these geometries to Euclidean signature and use as bare action the Einstein-Hilbert action8 in Regge form.
That is all.

One scenario, which has often been discussed as a possibility, but which is still missing an explicit implementation is the following:
when one approaches sub-Planckian scales the theory effectively becomes a topological quantum field theory where the metric plays no role. Also in our very explicit implementation of a quantum gravity model it is unclear how such a scenario would look.


According to this new particle system, Mass in motion needs a particle MEMORY system to memorize "Lorentz polarization" or "Fermion Consciousness".

If we imagine that in such a dense vacuum lattice, mass has to be able to move and accelerate, then we need something very special to keep a tennis ball in motion after it is hit by your racket. We need to introduce a Higgs oscillating vacuum Lattice, which we could call "COMPLEXIFIED Lorentz space" able to push or pull spinning Fermion propellers and transform complete atoms to create "REAL Lorentz dilation in time" but NO "Lorentz CONTRACTION".

Why? Because if we assume that gravity is dragging the lightspeed with the Earth, then all the Michelson-Morley apparatusses should have shown a diurnal effect!! originated solely by the contraction of the apparatus itself!!

Thus ONLY "Lorentz TIME DELATION is real" and the logical result of a quantum mechanical Higgs-Fermion collison process.
In other words, I would call these particles: "Lorentz polarized" Fermion propeller particles with a double spin state, able to absorb more "Casimir" vacuum energy from behind than from the front side.
( see Figure B) below.
HOWEVER in that case, every Fermion should have some sort of a Memory :
I suggest the symmetrical Big Bang ENTANGLEMENT MEMORY is still acting between two or more IDENTICAL but CPT ( Charge Parity and Time) symmetric Universes to solve the so called "Schroedingers CAT problem" and also the "Lorentz polarization" memory !!

Seconly, we should consider, that massive objects like the Earth will drag their own peculiar reference frame with them. This is called "LASOF""Local anti-symmetrical Oscillating Vacuum Frame", the origin of small Radar reflection anomalies of Venus and Mercury.( described later in this book). see:

Socrates unmoved mover.

It was Socrates ( 479-399 BC.), who supposed that all objects in motion should have a so called unmoving mover, as the origin of the motion.
This model predict an oscillating (unmoving) mover.

The gravitational consequences of the oscillating vacuum for a NEW BLACK HOLE is: that only pure Higgs ( Casimir) Gravity can exist. The reason is, that no Gravitons can leave a black hole.

The motion consequences of the oscillating vacuum for a NEW BLACK HOLE is, that Black holes are STUCK unless an outside influence like a "gas tail" is able to influence the globular symmetry of the black hole horizon.

Fermion repulsive NEW black holes
This New Black hole gravity in combination with propeller shaped Fermions creates a second consequence: the existence of a FERMION REPULSIVE HORIZON around the NEW BLACK HOLE , which is visible as polarized negative charged gas clouds around so called "Lobes" of lots of Quasars, HH- objects, AGNs etc. like Cygnus A.
This repulsive Black Hole horizon is expected to be responsible for the complexity of the Universe due to the ( so called warp driven) MIGRATION OF BLACK HOLES

( see Rosette's HH1 object below)

into Binary systems, forming the base for Quasars, HH objects, Spiral and Lenticular Galaxies and all charged particle Jet formations.


In his book "the Character of Physical Law" (p.37-39), RichardFeynman wrote:
"Suppose that in the world everywhere there are a lot of (space filling vacuum-) particles, flying through us at very high speed. They come equally from all directions, -just shooting by- and they also partly hit us in a bombardment.
We and the sun, are practically transparent for them. Practically, but not completely,and some of them hit. Look at what would happen; If the earth is moving it is running into the particles coming towards it and away from the ones that are chasing it from behind.
So more particleswill hit from the front than from the back, and there will be a(vacuum) force opposing any motion. This force would slow the Earth up in its orbit" (which is proved to be not the case); so that is the end of that theory......!
.......Well you say, it was a good one, and I got rid of the mathematics for a while, maybe I could invent a better one".

That is the gist of this weblog.
In "Crazy" but SERIOUS contrast with Richard Feynman's story, this new model assumes that Nature may compensate such an opposing vacuum resistance by a NEW vacuum MECHANISM..
1: if the Feynman vacuum particles are supposed to be energetic oscillating vacuum particles coined "Higgs-Virgin Particles"oscillating in a chiral 3D vacuum lattice and
2: if the mass carrying particles (of the Earth) have the ability, by real Lorentz transformations, to absorb just enough energy of this oscillating Higgs-vacuum frame in the right direction to compensate for the opposing vacuum resistance and to keep this Lorentz polarization in its memory as a guiding mechanism.
This polarizing guiding mechanism is coined a "Big Bang Entanglement" memory, active from the beginning of the universes between TWO OR MORE CPT ( Charge Parity and Time) symmetric ( anti-) COPY UNIVERSES!! and also acting as an instantaneous medium to keep the object- subject "eigenstate" of each particle harmonized..
As a result. this weblog describes my personal alternative reductionist’s view on some aspects of mainstream physics and astronomy.In general this alternative contribution is the product of intuitive and logic thinking about a three dimensional image of reality down to the Planckian scale of the cosmos.I choose a so called "Lattice model" base for the vacuum in contrast with the so called “continuum of space and spacetime models”. Both ideas about the structure of space are well known in mainstream physics.This Lattice model concentrates on the way SPACE is fully filled-up with a topological 3-D lattice which represents the oscillation trajectories of Higgs particles.These Higgs particles are assumed to have a rigid RING-form and able to transform the ring by collision into real rigid Fermions or Bosons.It is assumed that at each lattice there are two Higgs particles active in a continuous oscillation process able to transfer bosonic information from the source of the boson down to the measurement location in some unresolved digital (or trigital tetrahedron) way.Secondly it is assumed that Higgs particles transform their shape into bosons, (photons, gravitons, gluons) by collision processes with real spinning Fermions.As a result, the energy (radiation) and the Spin of the electron is produced only by mechanical Collisions. Thus it is assumed that the form of Chiral Fermions should have a “propeller form “ with left- or right handed PITCH to realize a left- or right handed Spin.HIGGS-GRAVITON QUANTUM GRAVITY.The Fermions of the Earth are assumed to produce gluons, photons and gravitons by the Higgs collision process..As a result, there are more Higgs particles with a Higgs identity going into the Earth than there are Higgs particles with a Higgs identity coming out.If we also assume that the average Higgs collision impact on Fermions is larger than a graviton impact on Fermions, then a new kind of Quantum Gravity is presented: the “Higgs-Graviton Quantum Gravity".

It is postulated that the length of these lattices are in general (in normal vacuum, far away from Black holes) the same in length, they are gathering together at connection points.The structure of the lattice is of a tetrahedron kind of shape, which is equipped with a so called “chiral rotation” (left or right handed) all through the vacuum inside one and the same universe.
ir. Leo Vuyk ( architect/engineer)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Small Gravity and GR anomalies and Test Proposals

GR ( general relativity) anomalies
A remarkable Paper on relativity in 2009 by Reginald Cahill. (Flinders univ. au.) also suggesting that the Ether should have dynamical qualities ( dubbed: dynamical 3-SPACE) which can explain the small anomalies of relativity rules. This paper seems to be just IN LINE with the LASOF (Local Anti-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame) described on these pages.
It is called: Combining NASA/JPL One-Way Optical-Fiber Light-Speed
Data with Spacecraft Earth-Flyby Doppler-Shift Data to
Characterise 3-Space Flow
Reginald T. Cahill

In recent years it has become clear, from numerous experiments and observations, that a dynamical 3-space exists [1, 2]. This dynamical system gives a deeper explanation for various observed effects that, until now, have been successfully described, but not explained, by the Special Relativity (SR) and General Relativity (GR) formalisms. However it also offers an explanation for other observed effects not described by SR or GR, such as observed light speed anisotropy, bore hole gravity anomalies, black hole mass spectrum and spiral galaxy rotation curves and an expanding universe without dark matter or dark energy


Gravity related light speed= mass related lightspeed.
It is well known that the sun has its own lightspeed related reference frame. All space probes have clocks which are calibrated for the probe speed relative to the solar reference frame and not related to the Earth's reference frame!!
Conclusion we have to measure at what distance from the earth the lightspeed changes its reference frame to that of the reference frame of the sun.
So we have to know what the minor and major axis of the ellipsoidal reference frame (called LASOF) around the earth is.
Below we estimate this minor axis to be 5450 km above the earth's surface, only for directions with small angles to the earth's surface.

How to teach SR by J.Bell.

How, to teach special relativity.

This is a clear example of how mainstream physics differ from logic relativity thinking.
According to mainstream physics the thin thread between the rockets will not break because the thread with the two rockets will not change length measured by their own rulers!!
Quotation of John S. Bell; See; J.S.Bell’s book "Speakable and unspeakable in quantum mechanics."( paperback page 67, how to teach special relativity)

"I have for long thought that if I had the opportunity to teach thissubject, I would emphasize the continuity with earlier ideas. Usually it is the discontinuity which is stressed, the radical breakwith more primitive notions of space and time. Often the result is to destroy completely the confidence of the student in perfectly sound and useful concepts already acquired'.If you doubt this, then you might try the experiment of confronting your students with the following situation. Three small spaceships,A, B, and C, drift freely in a region of space remote from other matter, without rotation and without relative motion, with B and C equidistant from A.

On reception of a signal from A the motors of B and C are ignited and they accelerate gently'. Let ships B and C be identical, and have identical acceleration programmes.

Then (as reckoned by an observer in A) they will have at every moment the same velocity, and so remain displaced one from theother by a fixed distance. Suppose that a .fragile thread is tied initially between projections from B and C. If it is just long enough to span the required distance initially, then as the rockets speed up, it will become too short, because of its need to Fitzgerald contract, and must finally break, It must break when, at a sufficiently high velocity, the artificial prevention of the natural contraction imposes intolerable stress."

I think Bell is right in his logic, also and in addition because the rockets itselfwill contract in length, which makes the mutual distance for the thread longer to span.

Examples of gravity lensing sunspots
There is something Knotty in the Helix nebula.
KNOTTY dark matter sources of the Helix nebula represent the former “sunspots” of the former star, they seem to be less able to get in motion by the explosion of the star than normal atomic material. This is in line with the new black hole model. It is even suggested that these knotty micro black hole “sunspots” have a gas producing feature.

Changing sunspot distribution is assumed to be the origin of different forms of Solar gravitational lensing, found in different experiments.

Solar-Moon eclipse anomaly solution, based on Solar dark HIGGS energy lensing.
Gravity seems to be the result of the absorption of vacuum Higgs oscillations (dubbed dark energy) by Fermions, in line with the Casimir force. Consequently gravity seems to be a large scale Casimir force, giving fermions even their so called "eigen energy".

Solar-Moon eclipse anomaly solution, based on Solar dark energy lensing.

Proposal for a Solar gravity (dark energy) lensing effect, as the origin of the Solar eclipse anomaly found by Wang and Yang et all. 9 March 1997 (at Moho, China). The experiment showed a clear gravity decrease (a double dip) before and after the total eclipse (see location A). The mass of the Moon is supposed to "SCREEN" only the Solar lensing effect. As a consequence, Higgs impulse energy (dark energy) can only transform by mass into Graviton impulse energy and not backwards.

As a second consequence, it is assumed that the Sun Spots should be adopted as microlensing micro-black holes, as proposed earlier by the author. These micro black holes are thought to be visible as small dots in the Helix Planetary Nebula interior (see Hubble gallery).
Sun spots are supposed to be the remnants of former Comets.
At the same time, this quantum gravity solution is a support for other well known “tilt”and “pendula” eclipse effects.


This solution proposal is also based on the existence of a variable so called pushing gravity impulse vector HEDGEHOG field ( short IVH or impulse gravity hedgehog) active as an vacuum source of “eigen-energy” active around each Fermion and responsible for all motion and spin. See also :

The eclipse experiment description mentioned above are available in two magazines see below:
X.-S. Yang and Q.S. Wang, Gravity anomaly during the Mohe total solar eclipse and
new constraint on gravitational shielding parameter, Astrophys. Space Sci. 282
(2002) 245.
Q.-S. Wang, X.-S.Yang, C.-Z. Wu, H.-G. Guo, H.-C. Liu and C.-C. Hua, Precise
measurement of gravity variations during a total solar eclipse, Phys. Rev. D 62
(2000) 041101.

Existence of gravity lensing elements (micro-black holes) inside the Sun, Moon and the Earth.
My former explanation for the "double gravity dip" before and after solar eclipse measured by Wang and Yang in 1997
see: http://bigbang-entanglement.blogspot.com/2006/03/how-small-anomalies-could-influence.html
is reason to explore the eclipse results made by others in the past. As a result I conclude that not only the sun harbours gravity lensing objects inside, but also the moon and perhaps even the earth.

My "double gravity dip" explanation was based on the assumption that Sunspots are gravity lensing micro black holes.
If we assume that the vacuum generates a (oscillating Higgs) pressure gravity from outside the earth and the earth is able to decrease this energy by changing Higgs particles into ( less energetic) gravitons then, then we have a global idea about the principle of quantum gravity based on boson scattering with fermions.
As a result I proposed that sunspots are micro black holes which are able to concentrate the Higgs vacuum gravity energy in the shape of dual bundles. The passage of the moon as a screening object of these dual pushing gravity bundles gave a direct logic explanation.

However it is strange that I could find only one experiment with a similar dual gravity decrease effect. It was only T. Kuusela who found a comparable result with two gravity peaks before and after the full eclipse of 1991 in Mexico.
However, these dual gravity decreasing peaks had a different character than the peaks measured by Wang and Yang in 1997.
Of interest is here the difference of 6 years, which is about the difference between Maximum and Minimum Sunspot activity!! The year 1991 is close to a maximum and 1997 is close to a minimum of sunspot activity.
My hypothesis is, that at sunspot minimum, the sunspots are located close to each other in the form of a disc inside the sun and at sunspot maximum they are more spread out sometimes hitting the surface of the sun.
As a logical result, the gravity lensing effect will have different shaped bundle profiles.
In the minimum sunspot activity period ( 1997 Wang and Yang) there are supposed to be two large bundles as described in my article http://bigbang-entanglement.blogspot.com/2006/03/how-small-anomalies-could-influence.html
In the maximum sunspot activity period, these bundles are supposed to be spread out with incidental pencil like lensing effects due to the cooperation of two incidental aligning sunspots.
This should be the explanation for the two pencil like "double gravity dip" effects measured by T. Kuusela in 1991.
However, the short time these effects happened does indicate that ALSO THE MOON SHOULD HARBOUR ONE OR MORE gravity lensing elements like SUNSPOTS!!
As is stated before, my assumption is that sunspots are the former nuclei Comets once smashed into the sun.
As a consequence, we may assume that also the moon and the earth harbour sunspot alike ( Fermion friendly) micro black holes.
A second support for this hypothesis of interacting micro black holes, is based on the measurements of Tom Kuusela done in march 29 2006.
In this report we find the evidence for an east west variation of the tilt meter, which is only measured inside the centre of the moon sun eclipse line.
One tilt meter placed 60 km outside this propagation line did not react at all.
A third support is that 20 -24 hour before the eclipse T. Kuusela measured similar deviations ("we observed similar type of changes in one of the measurement locations also 20–24 hours before and after the eclipse") . http://users.utu.fi/kuusela/gravity/Report.pdf
I interprete this effect as a support for my proposal that two sunspots if they are in line, are able to give an effect, which does introduce the possibility of pencil alike lensing effects, if two solar sunspots and one lensing black hole of the moon are in line. See:

The hypothesis of Fermion friendly (Fermion repelling) black holes is one of the key elements of my new physics theory, see: http://bigbang-entanglement.blogspot.com/

This NEW black hole model is even the base for my explanation of the so called pioneer anomaly. See:
As a consequence there seem to be not only stellar anchor black holes but even Galaxy anchor black holes, the base for galaxy form and ( quick) formation.

A possible indication for the influence of SOLAR anchor black holes, could be found in the next article about the evidence that the gravitational constant varies
with orientation.

Experimental evidence that the gravitational constant varies
with orientation.
by Mikhail L. Gershteyn∗†, Lev I. Gershteyn†, Arkady Gershteyn†, Oleg V. Karagioz‡

some extra details of the former Lightspeed anomalies.

GPS signal outliers measured in 2003 ( see below) are the origin to calculate the minor LASOF axis on 11821 km.

Massive outliers of 180 meters are measured in 2003.(below)

Measured by

Bae, Tae-Suk, Near Real-Time Precise Orbit Determination of Low Earth Orbit Satellites Using an Optimal GPS Triple-Differencing Technique, viii+121 pp., November 2006
see also:

A clear example of GPS signal failures for the CHAMP Low Earth Orbiters at 430 km altitude, is one of the reasons that so called Kinematic Precise Orbit Determination (POD) by GPS readings is very complicated. Several other ground based systems and complex computer programs are needed to compensate these errors.
However, if the LASOF idea about gravity (or Mass) related lightspeed is incorporated in the GPS readings, then these errors are supposed to vanish for a great deal.

"Short Period Quasi-Regular Oscillations" of Venus and Mercury of about 30 days, are described by I.I Shapiro in Radar Astronomy 1968, page 170-172. see at the and of this file.

This Binary Star system (see below) seems to be -just like Mercury and Venus- "ahead" before conjunction and "further away" after.
Examples of QPOs (Quasi Periodic Oscillations) or Orbital Periodicities of Binaries are supposed to be examples of gravity influenced LASOF lightspeed anomalies just like Venus and Mercury. see below: ( H.Lehmann, Binary RZ-cas. and P.G.Ostrov, Binary HV 2543).

Globular and Cigar shaped LASOFs.
There seems to be two different shaped LASOF ( local anti-symmetrical oscillating vacuum frame) lightspeed extinction envelopes, for A: Earth bound light sources and for B: Satellite- or space based light sources.
Based on Radar reflection data of Venus and Mercury done by I.I Shapiro, I concluded, that for Earth bound light sources, the LASOF extinction envelope around the Earth, seem to be globular with a diameter of 70 million km. see: http://bigbang-entanglement.blogspot.com/2006/02/gravity-dependent-lightspeed.html

Based on sparse Formosat- Champ- Topex satellite data in combination with the small anomalies measured by G.Miller and Y.Galaev, I suggest, that for space based light sources, the LASOF envelope seems to be ellipsoidal (or cigar shaped), with the major axis coinciding to the Earth-Satellite axis of the same length and an unknown minor axis.
Future satellite-GPS distance reading variations should give information about the minor axis of the cigar shaped LASOF envelope. (see before and below).

my proposal for the Planetary (Earth) gravitational drag of the Lightspeed has a realistic base, as mentioned below, then all GPS signal readings taken by other satellites should account for such an effect.

Improvement of onboard GPS readings for precise orbit determination (POD) of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Satellites, like Formoasat-3, Camp, or Jason-1-/Topex-Poseidon satellites and ISS, are suggested to be possible, if these readings are taken into directions without any Earth-Solar orbital lightspeed influence.
A: for signals not directed into the Earth surface: Above 21 degrees above the horizontal-Earth line for Formosat-3 and Champ (both at about the same height) and Above 34 degrees for Jason-Topex satellites (cruising at higher levels) see figure B3.
B: if the orbital speed has no influence; GPS-readings taken perpendicular to the axis of orbital motion of the Earth round the Sun.
Outside these areas, the “Earth gravitational drag effect” should be incorporated into the GPS-reading calculations. This should be the case e.g. for so called LEO “GPS-occultations” skimming the Earth atmosphere. se also fig 5.3.

Leo Vuyk.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Is Less More in the Symmetric Multiverse? and a new paradigm for Free Will

The Aphorisms: “Less Is More” and “Form Follows Function”, of Modern Architecture, introduced by Mies van der Rohe respectively Louis Sullivan, seem to be REVERSIBLE in Nature.
Why, because at the Planck scale, the SHAPE of particles and the way they are connected to each other and form compound quarks, seem to be the origin of the particle FUNCTION.
See: Rigid Elementary Click-On Particles, Propellers and monopole based Fields

As a result we may say: FUNCTION FOLLOWS FORM in particle physics.
At the Universal scale, CPT ( Charge, Parity and Time) SYMMETRY between entangled copy Multiverses with Raspberry geometry, seems the most logical solution for a theory of everything.
Is Less More in the Symmetric Multiverse? and Free Will

The cyclic CPT Symmetric RASPBERRY Multiverse, fractal based by black hole evaporation.
As a result we may say: MORE IS BETTER in Astronomy and Consciousness. ( to solve the "Symmetry"- and “Schrödinger's Cat” problem).See:
As a consequences, we should not be afraid for Ocham’s razor who ordered to keep it simple as possible at the Planck- or Universal scale and applied to consciousness.

In fact my entangled symmetry follows Ocham’s razor by keeping the choice system in nature simple. If we have a system of entangled symmetric copy universes, then I expect that by a sort of floatation of entanglement by chance, one of the copy observers is the first to suggest a specific choice (and become the subject) about 300 msec later the other observers are able to pass or veto the choice.
I would call this: time-like entanglement between positive and negative energy parts of the zero energy state of dual COPY (anti-) matter universes together forming a so called "closed system": the zero energy multiverse. Why zero energy?

Entangled Consciousness in the Entangled Multiverse
Positive energy in the material copy universe is compensated by the negative energy in the anti-material copy universe!

Ervin Laszlo's Akashic Field Theory is in good HARMONY with the symmetric mirror multiverse.

The only difference is, that my mirror universes are really mirror universes also in spin or chirality.
As a consequence there are material- and mirror anti-material universes.
(the next text is taken from from wikipedia)
His 2004 book, Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything posits a field of information as the substance of the cosmos. Using the Sanskrit and Vedic term for "space", Akasha, he calls this information field the "Akashic field" or "A-field". He posits that the "quantum vacuum" (see Vacuum state) is the fundamental energy and information-carrying field that informs not just the current universe, but all universes past and present (collectively, the "Metaverse").

László describes how such an informational field can explain why our universe appears to be fine-tuned as to form galaxies and conscious lifeforms; and why evolution is an informed, not random, process. He believes that the hypothesis solves several problems that emerge from quantum physics, especially nonlocality and quantum entanglement.

"There is a form and level of coherence in the various domains of observation and experience that involves a quasi-instant transmission of information across space and time...I present evidence that "nonlocal coherence" is widespread in nature, occurring in the macrodomain of the universe, in the microdomain of the quantum, as well as in the mesodomain of life... I show that (i) phenomena of nonlocal coherence are logically interpreted as the transmission of a non-conventional yet physically effective form of information termed “in-formation”; (ii) this transmission is the effect of a universal field in nature; and (iii) the universal in-formation field is the scientifically identifiable functional equivalent of the fundamental metaphysical element known in Sanskrit and Hindu metaphysics as Akasha."

Macroshift Theory
László stated in his book You Can Change the World that there is global choice for coming world crisis. One that can come in the form of a global breakdown centered on increasing fragmentation of economic inequality and a new arms race from rising powers. The other choice would be a global breakthrough led by international organizations. This would be by the linking of non-government organizations promoting sustainable development link using the internet.[4]

A Macroshift is defined as a popular movement to turn the tide from a global breakdown to a global breakthrough. László sees the years 2012-2020 as a critical period to change the course as the coming crisis is taking shape in geopolitical current.

Free Will inside the multiverse.
Entangled consciousness inside the entangled Multiverse
Benjamin Libet measured the so called electric Readines Potential (RP) time to perform a volitional act, in the brains of his students and the time of conscious awareness (TCA) of that act, which appeared to come 500 msec behind the RP. The “volitional act” was the by free choice pressing on an electric bell button.

The results of this experiment gives still an ongoing debate in the broad layers of the scientific community, because the results are still (also in recent experiments) in firm contrast with the expected idea of Free Will and causality.
We would expect that based on causality the Time of Conscious Awareness (TCA) ALWAYS comes before the electric RP, which is found to be present in our head because this would be the proof that we humans are equipped with the free will to press on the button at the moment WE are also conscious to do that!!!.
HOWEVER Libet (and later all other researchers) measured the opposite for most of the students. Only a FEW students reported to have “PREPLANNED their ACTION”
A causal but weird Multiverse solution.If we assume that the postulated that we are living inside one of the 12 copy universes, which are each others observer by “mutual entanglement” to trigger randomly and alternating the collapse of the copy wavefunctions, (thus also to trigger a volitional act, like Libet's subjects) in the other 11 universes.

Then as a consequence, we may expect that only a small part of the students will report to have had the conscious intention to act earlier. Thus in the case of 12 entangled universes we may expect that 1/12 part or 8,3 % of all (human) timing of conscious intention to act, will show a reversed timing sequence between the so called Time of conscious awareness (TCA) which will come BEFORE the electric Readiness Potential (RP).

Indications of those percentages, are already found by Judy Trevena and Jeff Miller (Otago university NZ). See:

The Benjamin Libet percentage results of pre-planning (RPII) are very poor quantified in his and later experiments. He wrote to me inprivate, that these numbers where "buried" inside his files and therefore, he was not able to produce them.
I my view this is a good reason to do it again with more precision on the readiness potential percentage differences between RPI and RPII..If humans are entangled cooperating decision makers inside the postulated 8 or 12 entangled but separated universes, then for every decision we need always only one preplanning test-person who pre-plans his choice. The other 7 or 11 test copy-persons are only able to follow OR VETO this decision.
So; the base for Free Will is the possibility to VETO and act or decision.
As a result we may be able to measure (in the future) the number of copy universes involved, by counting the average percentages of preplanning persons in test situation like the Libet test..For 12 universes the RPI percentage will be 100/12=8,3%. For 8 universes RP I will be 12,5% For RP II it will be 91,7 respectively 87,5%


Max Tegmark and John Cramer Combined.

The Aphorisms: “Less Is More” and “Form Follows Function”, of Modern Architecture, introduced by Mies van der Rohe respectively Louis Sullivan, seem to be reversible in Nature.
Contrary it is a big surprise that:At the Planck scale, the SHAPE of particles seem to be the origin of the particle FUNCTION.As a result: FUNCTION FOLLOWS FORM in particle physics.At the Universal scale, CPT ( Charge, Parity and Time) SYMMETRY between multiple Universes seems the most logical solution for a theory of everything.
As a result: MORE IS BETTER in Astronomy and Consciousness. ( to solve the "Symmetry"- and “Schrödinger's Cat” problem).As a consequences, we should not be afraid for Ocham’s razor at the Planck- or Universal scale and applied to consciousness.-------------------------------------------
Two independent research results of Tegmark and Cramer combined, are painting a new entangled multiverse picture the CPT symmetric Multiverse, in the form of a set of symmetric ordered bubbles like a giant Raspberry.

Open letter to Max Tegmark and John G. Cramer ,

Dear Max Tegmark and John G. Cramer,
It is with some hesitation but I am still convinced that you both scientists seem to be connected to each other by "Universal entanglement" ( a derivate of John Cramer’s Transactional interpretation : TI ) See:
At the same time it seems to be possible to keep the copy-multiverse proposed by Max Tegmark intact, without the need for splitting off new universes. (as Max still seems to advocate.)
Max wrote:Is there a copy of you reading this article? A person who is not you but who lives on a planet called Earth, with misty mountains, fertile fields and sprawling cities, in a solar system with eight other planets?
The life of this person has been identical to yours in every respect. But perhaps he or she now decides to put down this article without finishing it, while you read on.The idea of such an alter ego seems strange and implausible, but it looks as if we will just have to live with it, because it is supported by astronomical observations.



If we assume that Max is right about copy Universes and these Universes are entangled down to the Planck scale,
then we could - without any QM hesitation- assume that these Anti-Mirror Copy universes form TOGETHER a Quantum Mechanical "Closed System" in the pure meaning of Classical Quantum Mechanics.
They are each others non-local ( distant ) "OBSERVER" and anti-mirror "OBSERVED SUBJECTS" with opposite running time.
However as a small addition, we have to assume that "anti-copy events" in both universes, are subtle and random phase shifted in time to realize the at random chioce between who is the OBSERVER and who is the OBERVED SUBJECT..
It also looks a real opportunity to say more about how CONSIOUSNES is working in the same “entangled” way.Best Regards,Leo Vuyk,Architect.

Free Will, the Multiverse and Benjamin Libets Readines Potential.

Benjamin Libet measured the so called electric Readines Potential (RP) time to perform a volitional act , in the brains of his students and the time of conscious awareness (TCA) of that act, which appeared to come 500 msec behind the RP.

This result gives still an ongoing debate in the broad layers of the scientific community, because it is in firm contrast with the expected idea of Free Will and causality.

However, if we assume that the postulated 12 copy universes are each others observer to trigger randomly and alternating the collapse of the copy wavefunctions, (to trigger a volitional act, like Libet's subjects) in the other 11 universes.

Then as a consequence, we may expect that only 1/12 part or 8,3 % of all (human) timing of conscious intention to act, will show a reversed timing sequence between the so called Time of conscious awareness (TCA) came before the Readiness Potential (RP). indications in that directions, are already found by Judy Trevena and Jeff Miller (Otago university NZ). See: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=12191935&dopt=Abs

tract Trevena an Miller found surprisingly, that up to 20 % of all cases of human timings of Conscious intention to act, should be accounted as reversed in sequence thus:TCA before Lateral RP.

However, It was Stanley Klein, who described his reaction and the reaction of other professionals, that the 20% reversed timing cases, found by Trevena and Miller, should decrease, if more common measurement biases were accounted for. See: page 274:
Qoutation of page 274 of the article by Stanley Klein:

"The new data of Trevena and Miller (2002) indicate that the average time of the LRP still precedes the TCA, but by much less than does the RP. However, Trevena and Miller argue that the averaging process can distort the story and that one needs to look at the percentage of times that the timing is reversed (TCA coming before the LRP).
They find that 20% of the time the TCA occurs before the LRP. Based on that finding it is likely (they say) that the conscious decision to act comes before the LRP.
A bias of 100 msec in the TCA could upset Trevena and Miller’s argument since the 20% with TCA before LRP would decrease substantially. When the average TCA is shifted from 2200 ms to 2100 ms it is unlikely that there will be many occasions in which the LRP comes after the conscious decision to move.
I will go through the topic of bias carefully with special attention to the flash-lag effect (Nijhawan, 1994).
I argue that the forward referral of the flash-lag effect, not a backward referral that had been suggested for this purpose, can compensate for the perceptual delay latency."

A second indication is that Multiple entanglement or coherent entangled states of ions are recently found to exist. E.g.

As a consequence, If future experiments could be made more focussed on this issue, then perhaps we could find support for the hypothesis of such 12 fold trigger mechanisms to collapse every time a set of 11 fold copy wave-functions inside the other 11 fold entangled copy- universes.

Then we could find a firm foundation for human and material consciousness.

A Solar Toroidal Programmable ROM, (STP-ROM) combined with the Earth related collective Planetary consciousness.
If the oscillating vacuum lattice really has complex features as is described in this paper, e.g. for the LASOF (Local Anti-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame), the directional memory for Quarks or Leptons and Photonic information etc. etc, then we may call this vacuum lattice a kind of universal quantum memory.
If in addition, each vacuum particle within the vacuum lattice has the possibility to act as a "Programmable Read Only Memory" (STP-ROM) then the vacuum has huge and awful memory abilities with a base for even paranormal (ESP) effects..
It is an interesting step to combine the idea of Frank Tipler, that all information created in our universe will always be indestructible memorized, with Rupert Sheldrake’s idea of "Morphic Fields" and Teilhard de Chardin’s Noosphere.
Then it is only a small jump to speculate that the Earth -as a whole- is imprinting its changing existence including all people and all people’s thoughts, into the Solar referred oscillating quantum vacuum (OQV) lattice, on each single Planck time.

At the same time this Solar OQV should be interpreted as an awful 3-dimensional ever growing STP-ROM without delete options. The Solar STP-ROM is supposed to have physical existence in the form of a huge Toroidal 3-D volume within the OQV representing the orbit of the Earth around the sun in one year.
If we assume, that people and animals, thus even all animate matter are "connected" to this STP-ROM, then it could be the origin for all our dreams and creative intentions an intuition. It could function as a so called “Intuition Pump” mentioned before by Daniel Dennet.

Together with Big Bang Entanglement (BBE), we could even introduce the ability to have telepathic communication as described by R. Sheldrake via non-local instantaneous entanglement what he called "Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance". (see [5], page 36). If the Solar Toroidal vacuum STP-ROM does not rotate with respect to the Galaxy, then even astrological ideas could become physical reality.

The Human Character, and the Selection Mechanism on his own Solar Toroidal STP-ROM track.
If we interpret the Solar STP-ROM as a growing data base of the Earth, memorizing all human ideas and actions of the past, and is supposed to be the origin of our creative intuition and dreams, then there must be something like a Solar STP-ROM SELECTION MECHANISM for each SINGLE person. Each person should be continuously connected with only a reduced set of "STP-ROM TRACKs" OUT OF THE HUGE INFORMATION CHAOS OF THE SOLAR TOROIDAL STP-ROM. By the orbit of the Earth through the Solar Toroidal STP-ROM, the intuitive information stream is supposed to have a continuous character.
It is well known that humans suddenly are able to change Character, or show a variable Character. This could be explained by an instability of his SOLAR TOROIDAL STP-ROM TRACK SELECTION MECHANISM.
Speculations about The Human Trinity of Soul, Spirit and Mind.
Soul or Human Character. As a consequence of the postulated Solar Toroidal Programmable STP-ROM memory and the human selection mechanism, it is suggested that each human has its own more or less stable character (also called: soul), which is assumed to be based on continuous interaction with this Solar STP-ROM Selection Mechanism and is based on personal DNA profile related chemical influences.

Spirit or Human intelligence (and learning abilities) is supposed to be based on his DNA profile and physical functioning of the brain.
Mind or Human Self-awareness ( Consciousness) is supposed to be the ability to make more or less balanced choices between the DUAL CHOICE-SOLUTION INPUT, given by his character and his intelligence. As a consequence, humans are supposed to be a Trinity of: Soul Spirit and Mind, or: Character, Intelligence and Self-awareness.
The more Mind/Self-awareness a human has evolved, the more he is supposed to be able to be aware of the differences between the input of his Soul/Character and the input of his Spirit/Intelligence, the more he is able to make balanced decisions and to be responsible for his actions, the more he is able to realize his modest Free Will.
Telepathy and ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) by a Distant STP-ROM Selection.

An enormous number of Telepathy examples are present in the literature between Humans, between Animals and between Humans and Animals. Rupert Sheldrake invented the "Morphic field" and the "Morphic Resonance" and concentrated on human/animal-connected telepathy in his book: "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home"(Hutchinson, 1999). Items of his book are: Picking up intentions, distant recognition of deaths and accidents, telepathic calls and commands, animal migrations and memory, Pets finding their people far away, Pigeons finding their pen-house with offspring far away even if this pen-house is changing its location on a ship. See also Nobel Prize winner Brain Josephson (2003) about ESP: http://arxiv.org/html/physics/0312012/
If all human and animal thoughts and actions on Earth are stored at specific locations within the awful memory capacity of the local vacuum as described before, then it is only a small jump to postulate that animals and humans can have LOCAL telepathic experiences by an EXTENDED so called "STP-ROM Track Selection" (SRTS) mechanism" mentioned before. However it is hard to explain how it is possible to bridge large distances, as is claimed by R. Sheldrake.
Based on the "extended" STP-ROM Track Selection Mechanism, it is obvious that Humans and Animals who are in each others NEIGHBORHOOD should be able to make contact with the local vacuum framed STP-ROM to communicate.
For animals this would solve the problem of how birds are able to navigate in huge swarms, and how Ants are able to organize their community etc.
To solve the LARGE DISTANCE telepathic phenomenon however, we are forced to postulate, that a kind of EPR or Big Bang Entanglement (BBE) communication is possible not only between copy quantum mechanical systems living in different universes, but also between different humans or animals on Earth by DISTANT vacuum based STP-ROM selection. Rupert Sheldrake’s solution of "Morphic Resonance" could then be called "Distant STP-ROM Track Selection" (D-SRTS). It is assumed, that items like "Remote Viewing", and "Extra Sensory Perception" (ESP) are based on the same footing as Telepathy. However, in "Distant STP-ROM Selection" there is no base for explanation of "Future Precognitive Clairvoyance", unless the concept of Free Will is restricted which we did before.

Reduced Free Will by STP- ROM, and Precognitive Clairvoyance.
If all our intentions and urges are directly or indirectly originated by “reading” our STP-ROM track, written and digital filed inside the vacuum particles around us or far away, then Free Will is at least reduced.
Then Free will is reduce to the guiding ability of making balanced (EGOISTIC OR ALTRUISTIC) choices YES or NO , between STP-ROM track input alternatives. Then all our intentions and urges and even our creative ideas are predetermined, but we are still able to VETO these ideas and wait for an predetermined alternative idea.

Consequently our human intelligent reasoning, is a process which is based on the VETO or PASS process within 200 milliseconds of the autonomous predetermined ideas, urges and intentions.
If we take only the most appealing fraction serious of reports of precognitive clairvoyance in the literature, we can not deny that some Animals and Humans represent more or less the skill for Precognitive Clairvoyance of their own individual future but also from others.
If we accept that animals and humans have more or less the skill for Precognition by "DISTANT STP-ROM TRACK SELECTION", not belonging to their “ own” track but belonging to other individuals, or animals, then this mechanism may work as a direct input for Precognitive Clairvoyance. HOWEVER the future is still not fixed by these phenomena because each person may be thought to be able to change his characteristic balance in egoistic or altruistic choice processing by vetoing or pass these predetermined urges and intentions.

If the Future is partly defined by the Past, we “remember the Future”.
The Future must be mainly defined by the Past if the so called "Solar Toroidal Programmable ROM" STP-ROM, thought to be present around the Sun, can be read out as is suggested before and is supposed to be our main input of our intentions and urges (creative “Intuition Pump”).
It is also assumed before as a possibility to explain Telepathy and Precognitive Clairvoyance. However if we stick to this model, and all our private intentions and urges, thus all our creative ideas, are created by reading our personal STP-ROM vacuum memory "track", which is at the same time assumed to file all our private thoughts and actions, then it is clear that the future is mainly created by the past. Mainly because our personal Free Choice between egoistic and altruistic choice solutions may vary within small boundaries.
Then A second proposal can be made, that not all our memory need to be filed in our brains, but also in our personal STP-ROM Track, circling around the Sun as large as the orbit of the earth, as my personal spiral track, for my creative input memory.
It could be an interesting future experiment, to file our personal intentions and urges throughout the year and compare our new intentions and urges the following year in a day to day sequence.
Astronauts lose dreams and “Intuition Pump” input outside the STP-ROM area.
As a consequence of the STP-ROM (Solar Toroidal Programmable ROM) concept, Astronauts should have loss of dreams, and intuition pump input, in space if they move outside the STP-ROM toroidal area.
At the same time it must be assumed that the STP-ROM area probably will expand in time into the direction of the sun, because the oscillating vacuum frame is "eaten" by the solar sunspots, so the vacuum and consequently the STP-ROM, is slowly moving into the direction of the sun.
The solar sunspots are supposed to be small black holes, constantly "eating" the vacuum. So called Stellar Anchor Black Holes (SABHs), located on both sides of the sun (supposed distance = 0,5-1 light year), will have a slight expansion effect on the vacuum and thus also on the STP-ROM toroidal shape.
As a consequence, an astronaut moving in space between the Earth and the sun will dream about more historical items than he will dream on earth. An astronaut moving at the opposite side of the Earth, will not dream at all.

Goals of intelligent Life.
See also: my book: The New GOD Particle and Free Will, now available also as e-book by LuLu.com or Amazon.com under:

If we combine these different thoughts about Nature and our existence on Earth, it seems that the first goal of life in our dual universes could be described as: the creation of human Love and Hatred, peace and aggression, together with moral awareness by transactional free will, based on human retarded EPR correlation between dual copy universes.

As a result it is assumed that two kinds of communities are possible. This can be a social- or non-social community, respectively based on human cooperation or human repression by the few.

The second goal of life seems to be the creation, extension and storage of a "Cosmic collective Earth connected Planetary Vacuum Memory" which is coined: STP-ROM (Solar Toroidal Programmable Read Only Memory).

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New Nuclear Polar-Ring Structure

A Mathematical challenge to translate a new geometrical ( Polar Ring) system for magic numbered nuclei, into one formula.
The Large Hadron Collider at Geneva, is perhaps able to find traces of the AXIAL POLAR RING SYMMETRY of ion nuclei in their heavy ion program by the CMS (Muon) detector.
The results could even give new information on the nuclear geometry described below.
latest news: 8 november 2010:
The CMS experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has recorded its first lead-lead collisions at an energy of 2.76 TeV per nucleon pair, marking the start of its heavy ion research program and the search for "axial symmetry of nuclei".

New NUCLEAR POLAR RING geometry of atoms, based on MAGIC NUMBER logic.
Proposal for a new 3-Dimensional nucleon system for atomic nuclei, based on magic numbers.
As is well known, Magic numbers are assumed to be in action for the atomic nuclear system of protons as well as neutrons. See:

Each nucleus has only one polar central axis with an even number of nucleons on it in combination with one or two equatorial symmetric coaxial ring systems.
There are TWO ring systems possible in a symmetric co-axial combination located around the central axis: coined an INNER and an OUTER RING system.

Only the two highest numbered magic numbers: T=82 and T=126 seem to be equipped with this inner ring system.

The rough rules are:
For magic numbered nuclei:
The existence of a linear shaped axis of an even numbered string of nucleons.

The axis symmetrical oriented even numbered strings of nucleons in ring shape, perpendicular oriented to the central nucleon axis.
The whole nuclear geometry, all together in more or less globular shape and as such with axis- and equatorial symmetry.
If the nucleon number of 82 is reached, an additional equatorial "inner" ring of 6 nucleons is present.
For 126 nucleons this number is raised to 20 nucleons devided into three rings with 6,8,and 6 nucleons.

For non magic numbered nuclei:
The existence of a linear shaped axis of an even/or ODD numbered string of nucleons.
The axis symmetrical oriented even/or ODD numbered strings of nucleons in ring shape, perpendicular oriented to the central nucleon axis.
The whole nuclear geometry, all together in more or less globular shape and as such with axis- and equatorial symmetry.
If the nucleon number of 82 is reached, an additional equatorial "inner" ring of 6 nucleons is present.
For 126 nucleons this number is raised to 20 nucleons devided into three rings with 6,8,and 6 nucleons.

Overview of the system:
For T=8 we count the nucleons (dots) from top to bottom:
On the axis = 2 nucleons
On the single ring: 6 nucleons

For T=20, we count dots from top to bottom:
On the axis =4 nucleons
On the three (3) rings: 4,8,4 = 16 nucleons


For T=20, we could even count from top to bottom:
On the axis =6 nucleons
On the three (3) rings: 4,6,4 = 14 nucleons

According to my two kinds of nuclear structure of the T=20 nucleus, I would expect that there are two kinds of Calcium (z=20) atoms. I am not a nuclear specialist, so I am not able to point into examples for calcium.
The only hint I would give is that inside double magic Calcium (20protons+28 neutrons)
I would expect that the proton structure should have an axial amount of 6 protons, combined with three rings of 4,6,4 nucleons.

Why?  because the T=28 neutron nucleus has an axis of 8 neutrons and three rings of 6,8,6 neutrons, which gives maximum space for the proton nucleus

For T=28, we count dots from top to bottom:
On the axis =8 nucleons
On the three (3) rings: 6,8,6 = 20 nucleons

For T=50, we count dots from top to bottom:
On the axis =12 nucleons
On the five rings: 6,8,10,8,6,= 38 nucleons

For T=82, we count dots from top to bottom:
On the axis =16 nucleons
On the seven (7) OUTER rings: 6,8,10,12,10,8,6,= 60 nucleons
On the single (1) INNER ring: =6 nucleons

For T=126, we count dots from top to bottom:
On the axis = 20 nucleons
On the nine (9) OUTER rings: 6,8,10,12,14,12,10,8,6,= 86 nucleons
On the three (3) INNER ring: =6,8,6=20 nucleons.

For T=184, we count dots from top to bottom:
On the axis = 24 nucleons
On the nine (11) OUTER rings: 6,8,10,12,14,16,14,12,10,8,6,= 116 nucleons
On the three (5) INNER ring: =6,8,10,8,6=38 nucleons.
On the ONE extra INNERring: =6

According to the foregoing systematic approach, THE NEXT STEP as new ISLAND OF STABILITY should HAVE 254 NUCLEON!!! See below::
For T=254, we count dots from top to bottom:
On the axis = 28 nucleons
On the nine (11) OUTER rings: 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,= 146 nucleons.
On the three (5) INNER ring: =6,8,10,12,10,8,6=60 nucleons.
On the ONE extra INNERring: =6,8,6=20 nucleons.

Conclusion : between 126-184 and 254, we do not expect to have REAL islands of stability.

Newscientist; 2011 preview: No 'magic' element just yet.


Elements occupying the far depths of the periodic table are so exotic and ephemeral it seems as if they are only barely there. In early 2010, when physicists announced the creation of the superheavy element ununseptium, even the handful of atoms that were made decayed into smaller ones in a fraction of a second.

Theory predicts, however, that superheavy isotopes with lifetimes of minutes can be made. These might have novel properties. What's more, they would confirm the existence of the fabled "island of stability",

See also my book: The New GOD Particle and Free Will is now available also as e-book by LuLu.com under: