Quantum FFF Rigid String Theory ( FFF= Function Follws string Form)

QUANTUM FFF STRING THEORY and the Propeller Fermion Propeller.

If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle Dark Matter Black Hole (DM- BH) nucleus into smaller DM-BH nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the DM-BH based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro star/galaxy creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see oriental basin of the moon) .Conclusion, all Bhs are: "Negative Charged Electric Dark Matter Black Holes" with a rigid open string sector with intrinsic 3x hinging curvature.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Five (instead of four) Multiverse collisions with resulting Low Variance Circles in the WMAP, means 12 Dodecahedron structured symmetrical entangled universes!

Five (instead of four) cyclic Multiverse collisions with resulting Low Variance Circles in the WMAP, means 12 Dodecahedron structured symmetrical entangled universes!

See: A Grand Design for an entangled 12 fold symmetric dodecahedron Multiverse in raspberry shape.

For 4x Multiverse collisions see:

First Observational Tests of Eternal Inflation.

By; Stephen M. Feeney,1, _ Matthew C. Johnson,2, 3, y Daniel J. Mortlock,4, z and Hiranya V. Peiri.
"We present the first observational search for the effects of bubble collisions, using cosmic microwave background data from the WMAP satellite. Using a modular algorithm that is designed to avoid a posteriori selection effects, we found four features on the CMB sky that are consistent with being bubble collisions. If this evidence is corroborated by upcoming data from the Planck satellite, we will be able to gain insight into the possible existence of the Multiverse."

See also Newscientist:
Microwave radiation map hints at other universes



Monday, December 06, 2010

Alternative Standard Model of single geometrical particles able to form Compound "click-on" Quarks and Leptons, has huge impact on NEW Black Hole physics.

Examples of click-on compound quarks.

Neutron decay can be presented as follows:

The consequence of this alternative particle system is,
that inside a Electron-Positron-Gluon plasma as is predicted to be present in the Big bang, only a very small part of the Fermions will annihilate into radiation.
However the vacuum itself should have CHIRAL PROPERTIES, to prefer electrons above positrons to survive as single particlkes, in this particle click-on process.
The rest of the Electrons and Positrons will form a Quark Gluon plasma, see below. This process is supposed to be originated by the peculiar Fermion repelling Black Hole globular horizon.
The BH horizon is assumed to be able to repell Fermions by the "SPIN FLIP" of fermions induced by the extreme local structure of the dense oscillating Higgs vacuum lattice called "warped space" or space warping.
CONCLUSION: Fermions (gas and dust) are mainly pushed away from the black hole by the Spin Flip induced by the local vacuum structure of the horizon.
Only the vacuum itself and radiation is able to pass through and feed the black hole.
See  also:

Fermions are pushed away from the black hole by the so coined Higgs repulsion zone.


Ultra large Black holes (BHs) are supposed to be active in the BH splitting Big Bang process, as the origin of the well known acceleration of the gas concentration in Galaxy forming.
Observations of the Early universe are reason to assume that at least TWO pairing BHs are responsible for such an acceleration process in the middle of both BHs.
Such a symmetric double BH configuration is even observed in much smaller objects like star forming Nebula and in the Hartley 2 Comet!
As a consequence I suppose that ALL Black Holes are able to pair and split, not only in the Big Bang or star forming Nebula, but at all other scales down to ball lightning.

Overview of Black Holes in Nature with decreasing order of sizes.
 Big Crunch Black Hole. (BCBH)
Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH)
Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs)
Stellar Anchor Black Holes (SABHs)
Sunspot Black Holes (SUBHs)
Cometary Black Holes (COBHs) also supposed to be active inside "Sungrazers".
Ball Lightning Black Holes (BLBHs)
Fire Ball Black Holes (FIBHs)
Observed at 70-90km Mesosphere. See Langmuir video.

The special features of Cometary Black Holes. (COBHs)
COBHs even come in pairs, see Hartley 2. 2010 (by Cassini spacecraft).
If COBHs hit the sun they are supposed to become Sunspot BHs. (SUBHs).
If COBHs hit planets or even moons they are supposed to be the origin of Red Spots (Jupiter) or a heating effect, like Saturn's moon Enceladus (cracks and jets also observed by Cassini spacecraft 2010).
Even Volcanic activities and the internal heat source of the Earth could be originatd by this process.

Four kinds of NEW black hole creation.

1: I propose Electro magnetic (x-ray) interference to be the origin of the group of small sized black holes. (SUBH-COBH-FIBH-BLBH). This process is observable in the Langmuir video: fireball production inside Sprites by electric discharge activity.
Sunspot black holes are supposed to be the remnants of Comets and so called Sun grazers originated by Solar Electro magnetic discharges.
2: Stellar Anchor Black Holes (SABHs) are supposed to be formed in supernova explosions.
3: Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) are supposed to be formed in the initial splitting process of the Big bang black hole (BBBH).
4: the Big Crunch Black Hole is supposed to be the result of the contraction of the universe, due to the elimination of the Dark Energy (Higgs) content of the Universes by Higgs consumption by the increasing number of black holes (Dark matter).

Fireballs produced by Sprites or by Electro Magnetic Solar activity are good candidates for the Fireball mysteries on Earth, like the Tunguska mystery in Siberia in 1908.
So called Small Comets seem to have no relation with Fireball events.

Two Fireball examples on Earth, supporting my new black hole hypothesis.
All black holes of different sizes, 
produce a Quark- Gluon- Electron- Positron- Plasma
at their Fermion repelling globular horizon.

The reported "hovering against- or with the wind" can be easily explained by the Plasma tail hypothesis:  the plasma production can be more or less than a critical amount to withstand the wind force.  An interesting example of free energy, a-symmetrical vacuum energy or a-symmetrical macroscopic Casimir effect.

In Space;

THE EAGLE NEBULA is the most obvious example of splitting and pairing micro black holes.  A GREAT basic example for universal complexity.

How could we explain the propulsion of ball lightning-or other (Nebula) black holes?
The hypothesis is that:
1: Fermions are repelled by the black hole horizon.
2: This horizon is also the origin of gas/plasma production.
3: The oscillating Higgs vacuum particles (pushing fermions around) are absorbed by the black hole.
The result is that gas tails will push the black hole through the vacuum away from gravity sources (or against wind influences like the ball lightning example, see before).
At the same time two migrating black holes will feel their mutual garvity field and become pairing abilities, as seen in the Eagle nebula. (see below)

See also:  "MASSLESS Higgs and Massless Black Holes with macroscopic Casimir gravity, or double LeSage gravity"

As the result of this new paradigm, the universe seems to be a cyclic (or bouncing) multiverse. See for a "Big Bounce" also:
See also:
3-Dimensional String Based Alternative Particle Model
Construction Principles for Chiral "atoms of Spacetime Geometry".
Non-geometric Fluxes, Asymmetric Strings and Nonassociative Geometry.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The new paradigm Black Hole Splitting Big Bang, in line with observation

The most common Big Bang models predict an isotropic high energy density with a so called initial isotropic but contracting Quark Gluon plasma as the beginning of Galaxies.

However what astronomers observe in the early universe are the most colossal Black holes and even Massive Galaxies.
2008: Colossal Black Holes Common In Early Universe, Spectacular Galactic Collision Suggests
2010: Massive Galaxies Formed When Universe Was Young, New Findings Suggest

What is the reason that massive galaxies and colossal black holes where formed so quickly in the early universe?
The origin could be
1: that the big bang could be compared with the “splitting” of the colossal Big Crunch black hole, as remnant of a contracting and imploding former Universe.
These first splinter black holes should be the “colossal black holes”.
2: That these colossal Black holes are responsible for the fast production of Quark Gluon plasma and the concentration of Mass into so called “bullet” spiral galaxies.
3; That we need a new paradigm for Black holes and the energetic Higgs vacuum.

Based on symmetry reasons, there is reason to accept that we even live inside a cyclic or “bouncing” multiverse.
At the end, all the mass and Higgs space of our universe will end up inside the Huge Big Crunch black hole.
If we assume that the Higgs space itself is the origin of so called Casimir force, and the energy source for all motion, even for fermion spin and the outside pressure on black hole nuclei, then we could construct an ontological sound picture of the cyclic universe.
Examples of NEW PARADIGM Splitting and Pairing Accelerated MASSLESS Black Holes.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dual Magnetic Monopole radiation (South and North) and Test

Latest news, 25-02-2011, is a strong evidence for dual Magnetic monopole radiation:
Putman et al., Longitude Perception and Bicoordinate Magnetic Maps in Sea Turtles (loggerheads) , Current
Biology (2011), doi:10.1016/j.cub.2011.01.057

The findings of Putman et al., imply that loggerheads have a navigational system that exploits the Earth's magnetic field as a kind of bicoordinate magnetic map from which both longitudinal and latitudinal information can be extracted.

You won't believe this compass reading, perpendicular to the Permalloy tube axis!
It is just turning at 17 degrees elevation of the tube.
Indicating that both monopole waves entering the tube, have equal strength.
Don't do this with an electronic compass, it will flutter from left to right and become wild.

Comparison of theoretical monopole photon bubble distribution, emitted from a bar magnet and from the Earth.
The boundary layer elevation between North and South bubbles must be 90 degrees for locations at the Equator and ZERO degrees at the Poles. (double click for enlargement)

For the basic model see also

Alternative magnetic field interpretation based on two different monopole photons (S or N).Two different magnetic photons ( South or North) are emitted from every single surface point by a bar magnet or the Earth represented in the form of two different CONE SHAPED VECTOR ARRAYS, also called VECTOR BUBBLES.
See: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ArDoWzECXSo/SNDdoWPvCXI/AAAAAAAAAwM/IjE-9iRfiBM/s1600-h/Earth+section+2+klein.jpg
These arrays are supposed to be the ONLY origin of the direction of each compass needle and the magnetic lines of equal strength: representing the so called B field.The Paramagnetic tube (Permalloy, or Mu-metal) mentioned before is supposed to REFLECT all magnetic radiation vectors. As a result only the magnetic radiation which is as a vector in line with the central tube axis, will pass through the open tube and influence the compass.!!If the mixture of the two monopole vectors is 50-50%, then the needle of the compass will choose to point perpendicular to the tubular axis, as is presented before on the photos.If the monopole radiation mixture is 75-25% , then the compass needle is supposed to point under an angel of 45 degrees.
If 100% singular North or South radiation passes the compass, it is clear that the needle will point exactly parallel to the tubular axis.


Leo Vuyk.

Figure 1.

Cross section through the earth with magnetic vector arrays of
two different measurable kinds: North and South vectors. (waves or particles)

IF THE "MONOPOLE BUBBLE BOUDARY LAYER-EDGE- B", (shaped as a bended half circle) HAS UNIGUE QUALITIES FOR EACH PLACE ON EARTH, then we have found a unique extra possibility for orientation.
A simple test instrument.
Permalloy/Mu-Metal tube for magnetic monopole boundary layer testing of the Earth magnetic field.
The tube which is used in this experiment, is the original shielding tube of an Oscilloscope.( Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, CRO) .
Figure 2.

The test instrument with a simple compass.
The needle of the compass is turning into a 90 degree position, perpendicular to the axis of the permalloy tube if the boundary layer is reached at a certain elevation angle.

For this boundary situation, the new monopole theory says: that equal numbers of North and South photons are passing through the permalloy tube and the compass.
Figure 3.

Test Results of the permalloy tube with the compass:
The test result of the tilting angle between the monopole bubbles are given below for the Netherlands (the town of Weesp) on 4-4-1998.
The maximum angle found was 22.5 degrees elevation, aiming at the 180 degree South direction. Later at a more southern European location (island of Crete) a tilting angle of 55 degrees was found, as a firm support for the theoretical magnetic monopole model.
Later measurements even suggest that this maximum tilting angle varies over the year considerably between 35 and 15 degrees and are possibly are related to the seasons.
Detailed future measurements are needed at different places around the world to support this possibility.At the same time we observe, that there is a small but peculiar variation in the tilting angle "half circle profile" called "Boundary layer edge (B)" measured over the 180 degree directions from East to South to West.
Figure 4.
(see the figure below, double click for enlargement)

Pigeons and Turtles.
I am very surprized, that inside the upper beak of pigeons but also in other animals THE SAME or comparable metals are found which I have used for my Permalloy tube compass. Paramagnetic (permalloy or maghemite) and magnetic ( magnetite) meterial
Look at "paramagnetic "and magnetic substances in dendrites of migrating animals the see next article

Could it be that (race) Pigeons, sea turtles and all other "migrating animals" are equipped with such a "monopole boundary layer edge B" measuring device and have an internal DNA memory MAP of specific season related coordinates on Earth?
In that case most questions about their "migration" and homing skills could be answered.

Equipped the variable monopole tilting angle information, migrating animals should be able to pinpoint their position in relation to each season.


Alternative magnetic field around a wire with a current, the base for the Aharonov Bohm effect.
(double click for enllargement)

Magnetic monopole photon trajectories around solenoids and the Aharonov Bohm effect.

Maxwell's second equation says that there are no single "magnetic charges"and that, therefore, magnetic lines of force must always form closedloops. In my perspective there are no closed loops outside a small longsolenoid, because the external field is nullified by the specialgeometrical emission of monopoles . ---------------------------------

Friday, November 05, 2010

Comet Hartley 2 hides two gas jets spewing micro black holes.

Comet Hartley 2 hides two gas and snowball spewing micro black holes in its dumbbell shaped double nucleus.

Comets seem to harbour a nuclear energy source (micro black hole) to melt nuclear ice into water!
News: Sciencedaily 4-5-2011

For the first time, scientists have found convincing evidence for the presence of liquid water in a comet, shattering the current paradigm that comets never get warm enough to melt the ice that makes up the bulk of their material.

"Current thinking suggests that it is impossible to form liquid water inside of a comet," said Dante Lauretta, an associate professor of cosmochemistry and planet formation at the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

Breaking news: 18 november 2010,:
The next photo suggests that a new pairing and splitting black hole paradigm is needed. It is a clear support that black holes are proliferated at all scales in the universe, they seem to have a Fermion repelling and gas producing horizon. Thus, new physics is needed.
Mind also the "smooth waist" of the dumbbell shaped icy mass with two distinct spots of concentrated jets.
See also: Sciencedaily
"Deep Impact Spacecraft Successfully Flies by Comet Hartley 2"

That the micro black hole(s) are able to leave the Comet's icy shell could be observed at this photo of Hyperion (a former exploded Comet suspect)
New paradigm Micro black holes inside Comets, are supposed to be magnetic -x-ray interference products of solar magnetic storm activity. So we may speak of "interference black holes" instead of supernova black holes.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Testing New Physics and Consciousness in the dodecahedron raspberry multiverse

1: Magnetic monopole radiation tests splitting N and S monopole components in Magnetic fields (not the source)   TEST

2: Speed of light variation experiments related to the gravity field of the earth "gravity dragging of the lightspeed"  TEST

3: Solar gravity lensing of the near solar vacuum by gravity changes if the moon is near the sun     TEST

4: Radar reflection (bouncing) lightspeed experiments on Venus and Mercury   Test proposal

5: Ball lightning creation by electromagnetic interference combined with x-rays     See also Fireball video

6: Human Consciousness and Limited Free Will in the Multiverse: Benjamin Libet repeating tests focused on RP I (loose PREplanning) statistics

7: The choice between up and down state of the electron.   Test proposal.

8: The cyclic CPT Symmetric RASPBERRY Multiverse, based on black hole evaporation.     Test proposal.

9: Small non primordial Black Holes Should Generate A Ring of Light, but also a ring of IONS AND ELECTRONS!

10: Small Gravity and GR anomalies and Test Proposals 

11: MASSLESS Higgs and Massless Black Holes with macroscopic Casimir gravity  TEST

13: Gravity direction dependent lightspeed frame dragging around the earth.
     Triangular laser test with between two stationary satellites and one ground station.

See also:
Blog Contents up to 2007.
Multi Universal Entaglement
Splitting and Pairing massless Black Holes
My old website

Three crucial new Physics principles:
Wave-particle duality solution,
Fermion repelling black hole horizon and
Matter (H2O) creation at the black hole horizon.

New Black Hole Fermion repelling horizon. (Entropy decrease)
Hyperion's matter (H2O) creation (by entropy decrease, or Fermion repulsion) at the black hole horizon.

Comet Hartley 2 seems to harbour inside the elongated Nucleus of about 1.5 km, not one but TWO micro black holes, if we look at the two point of radial divergence of the emitted gas jets coming out both end of the Dumbbell shaped nucleus (4 nov.2010).
These two micro black hole nuclei are in harmony with my former hypothesis on larger splitting and pairing black holes. This is a support for my proposal that NEW physics black holes are common at all scales in the universe. down to ball lightnings.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zero energy raspberry shaped cyclic multiverse

According to wikipedia:
The zero-energy universe hypothesis states that the total amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero. When the energy of the universe is considered from a pseudo-tensor point of view, zero values are obtained in the resulting calculations.[1] The amount of positive energy in form of matter is exactly canceled out by the negative energy in form of gravity

However, if we introduce a point symmetric multiverse, with a raspberry or blackberry shape, then we may say that the positive energy in a material berry -like our universe- is canceled by the negative energy inside the Charge, Parity and Time symmetric anti material opposite berry shaped-universe.
Time is there in fact not running backwards their clocks are rotating in the other direction! Electrons are positive charged and left handed systems are right handed, directly entangled down to the the quantum level.

see for zero energy multiverse in raspberry shape:
A Grand Design for an entangled 12 fold symmetric multiverse in raspberry shape.

The Raspberry or Blackberry multiverse.

Behind it all is surely an idea so simple, so beautiful, that when we grasp it - in a decade, a century, or a millennium - we will all say to each other, how could it have been otherwise? How could we have been so stupid for so long? - John Archibald Wheeler

Thursday, September 30, 2010

MASSLESS Higgs and Massless Black Holes with macroscopic Casimir gravity

The latest news: 9-12-2011: What if there is no Higgs boson? http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn21259-what-if-there-is-no-higgs-boson.html

News: 13-10-2010: Newscientist:
Large Hadron Collider  chief: Sergio Bertolucci replies on the next question::
What if the LHC finds nothing?
"That would be extremely interesting, because if it doesn't find anything, it means the standard model of particle physics is doomed".

If MASS is the ability of objects to radiate gravitons, then Black holes have no mass because they are supposed to be not able to radiate photons!
A new Macroscopic Casimir force, in the form of an socillating Higgs vacuum lattice, will do the gravity job alone around black holes!
More in detail, according to Quantum FFF theory: Mass is the ability of Fermions to change each massless Higgs particle by collision under specific angles of attack, into a single Graviton.

For a suggested new standard model, based on a massless Higgs, but responsible for the mass and graviton radiation of Fermions, see: The shimmering of a new standard model ; one single Virgin Higgs particle seems to be able to transform by collision, into 5 Gluon/Photons , one Graviton, an Electron Positron pair and 6x Neutrinos.
See also: Why Function follows Form in the mulitverse and QM

If we realize the consequences of the Grand design of a Symmetric and mutual entangled Raspberry shaped Multiverse, as described before, then we need also a grand design at the microscopic level.
The result is a massless Higgs, massless Black Holes influenced only by a macroscopic Casimir gravity system without gravitons.
In contrast with black holes however, masscarrying particles suffer from TWO opposing gravity carriers, the Higgs and the opposing Graviton.
We name this 'Higgs Graviton Gravity" or "Double LeSage pushing gravity".

The nature of the Higgs field: Vacuum lattice models and diffraction.

"Standard theories say that matter and antimatter were created in equal amounts after the big bang. Since the two annihilate each other on contact, generating pairs of high-energy photons, all there should be in today's cosmos is a sea of restless and rather bland radiation.

This is not the case. Something seems to have favoured the creation of matter at a crucial moment within the first instants after the big bang."

According to my model, there are three origins for this fact:
1:  the chirality of the vacuum lattice,
2: the postulate that positrons and electrons can make compound combinations with Gluon/Photons to form Quarks.
3: the formation of a symmetric 12 fold entangled multiverse
4: The production of Quark Gluon plasma around black hole horizons, by the mutual collision of lensed vacuum Higgs particles.
Thus,the black hole will produce only few annihilation effects in combination with Hawking radiation.
see: Hawking radiation glimpsed in artificial black hole
see former blogpages.

An example of massless Higgs Casimir pressure in combination with massless Graviton pressure on a mass carrying quantum particle.

The Graviton pressure vector hedgehog acting on a mass carrying quantum, has a globular volume, located at the down side of the quantum.
The larger Higgs pressure vector hedgehog is not exactly globular, caused by the postulate that Higgs particles are changed by collision with the earth-mass into Gravitons and as a consequence leave the earth as Graviton. 
In fact, the down half-side of the Higgs hedgehog has the shape of a half oblate spheroid. ( REAL 3D Gravity)

Quantum Gravity Test device, by comparison of mass damping characteristics, focussed on ONE axis of measurement. (simplified version)

See also:
2: Today’s View on the Lesage Hypothesis, by Boris I. Kolesnichenko, Kudrya str., 20, Apt 12, Kiev 01042, Ukraine, Galilean Electrodynamics, Volume 15, No. S1, pp. 15-17.

He argues that hard contact collisions between ether corpuscles and elementary particles may turn out to be the common mechanism for phenomena such as radiation, charge, field, wave/particle duality, red shift, etc.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Grand Design for an entangled 12 fold symmetric DODECAHEDRON or CUBE OCTAHEDRON multiverse in raspberry shape

Axis of evil is in line with the cold spot!!

The Splitting Dark Matter- Black Hole- Big Bang and the Cyclic Multiverse

Latest news: 13-10-2010 Newscientist: A cyclic oscillating universe or multiverse is also called "Big Bounce".

Stephen Hawking's Grand design is leading to a non symmetric multiverse.
However there is reason to suggest a full symmetric multivers with point symmetry at the centre of a raspberry shaped pulsating bubble multiverse.
For an entangled multiverse, each quantum should have its own 12 fold entanglement relation to all 12 opposite (anti) quantums, each located inside one of the 12 universes.

The result is called: Poincaré dodecahedral space symmetry.  (see also below: B.F.Roukema) A dodecahedron is also called "Buckyball"
An other evidence for space symmetry and the centre of the multiverse is the so called DARK FLOW.
Dark flow seems to be found at the edge of the visible universe!!
There the "dark flow centre is represented by a so called "Pitch of spacetime"

The radius of the "cold spot" or SUPER VOID, is about 5°; it is centered at the galactic coordinate lII = 207.8°, bII = −56.3° (equatorial: α = 03h 15m 05s, δ = -19° 35′ 02″. Thus it is in the Southern hemisphere of the Celestial sphere, in the direction of the constellation Eridanus.
It is Laura Mersini, who called this spot: "a window in the Landscape Universe".

see also:

Below we see the start of the Rapberry Multiverse into 12 egg shaped entangled universes, by the splitting of the central Big Crunch black hole into 12 entangled splitting black holes.
At this location, it is thought that each black hole produces a so called QUARK GLUON PLASMA, this month already suggested to be found inside the LHC at Geneva.
See also: Large Hadron Collider spies hints of infant universe
Secondly, there is some proof of primordial magnetic fields in deep space as the logical result of splitting dual black hole systems into electron jet based Herbig Haro objects!
See: Universal, Primordial Magnetic Fields Discovered in Deep Space
Also: New two-particle correlations observed in the CMS detector at the LHC

Something SMALL is wrong with physics if we look at the Hubble images of our universe. This and other anomalies are a firm reason (see my former blogs and book) to suggest a PARADIGM SHIFT, which could lead to a TOE. (Theory Of Everything) without the need for an all present GOD who is only good and able to give me shelter.
No not such a God, but there is still room for a grand designer and carpenter engineer, who made the shape of elementary particles, who is reponsible for the energetic Higgs oscillations at the Planck scale and Quantum scale entanglement relations between Copy-(anti) Universes as an explanation of the Schroedingers Cat problem, which led to the phenomenon of intelligent life and consciousness!

If you look at the next Blog articles, you will find hints for the Goals of intelligent life.
I hope that you will be able to grasp the speculative logic of my "Goals of intelligent life" postulation. Why? because: If we don't feed the "have nots" and keep them in endless poverty, the STP-ROM or Global (collective) consciousness around Mother Earth, which is supposed to be the base for all our dreams and intuition, will turn into a steep negative spiral. This could be the origin of a strong global hatred and the rise of fascist leaders.

Teilhard de Chardin and Rupert Sheldrake seem to be close to that STP-ROM (Solar Toroidal Programmable- Read Only Memory) principle by their NOOSPHERE respectivily MORPHIC FIELD.
Originally the word Noosphere is used by Vladimir Vernadsky, as the third stage of a planet after, the developement of the Geosphere (Inanimate matter) and Biosphere (Animate matter).
Conclusion, the Universe is not good or bad from itself, but it give us the opportunity to choose as world society between them for the future of our Earth, by feeding the STP-ROM with all our thoughts and actions as the ROM for the futuere intuitions of others.
see above for the Libet tests.
and also;
Small GR anomalies and test proposals.

see also:
 fractal based by black hole evaporation.
At the inflation epoch, the oscillating Higgs vacuum lattice is formed by BH evaporation inside 12 small but expanding (anti) universes in raspberry shape. As a result, the length of the tetrahedron lattices where shorter than now.

See also: speed differences related to the CMB frame, found in the universe: "The peculiar velocity field: constraining the tilt of the Universe"
If Galaxy motions have no over all reference to the CMB frame, then there is reason to assume that:
1: our position is not located in the middle of out universal bubble.
2: the Universal bubble could be contracting, also if we assume that the Hubble redshift is partly originated by the general space absorption by the proliferated Dark matter black holes.
3: there should be real doubt about the accelerating universe idea.

3D view on symmetrical cubic or dodecahedron multiverses in raspberry shape.
Only a few particles are compressed together by the Higgs vacuum pressure, inside the nucleus of a micro black hole.
In contrast, 90% of all oscillating Higgs vacuum particles and 100% of all black hole nuclei of the multiverse, should come together inside the Big Crunch Black Hole (BCBH) nucleus, before expanding again.
No matter or anti matter is supposed to survive the BCBH and even no information inside the STP-ROM vacuum.

Leo Vuyk is a retired building engineer (architect) and independent researcher in Theoretical Physics and Cosmology.

latest info: 14-1-2016.