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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Planetary Lightspeed Frame Dragging by LASOF ( Local A-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame)

Is the so called FlyBY anomaly originated by the LASOF ellipsoid?
As is stated before, the ellipsoidal shaped LASOF (local A-symmetrical oscillating vacuum frame) frame seems to influence the lightspeed around the earth in a complex way.
However, there is also reason to assume that the same LASOF is equipped with extra gravity drag, which could be the origin of the so called Fly By “Slingshot” anomaly.
The FlyBy “slingshot” anomaly is the UNEXPECTED EXTRA push which is given to spacecrafts passing the Earth.
n the next article is made clear, that the gravitational asymmetry is oriented in the
direction of the Earth’s motion within an assumed unique reference frame (just like the LASOF ellipsoid?)
H. J. Busack
17. November 2007

Part of the abstract:
All anomalous velocity increases until now observed during the Earth flybys of the spacecrafts Galileo, NEAR, Rosetta, Cassini and Messenger have been correctly calculated by computer simulation using an asymmetric potential term in addition to the Newtonian potential.
The specific characteristic of this term is the lack of coupling to the rotation of the Earth or to the direction of other gravitational sources such as the Sun or Moon. Instead, the asymmetry is oriented in the direction of the Earth’s motion within an assumed unique reference frame.

Radar refelection anomalies for Venus and Mercury.
If a radar signal leaves the Earth with a speed C-v, in the Solar reference frame (v=21.5 km/s. interpolated earth orbit speed into the direction of Venus) and after a 70 million km travel the speed of the radar pulse has become C (v=extinct).
THEN--after bouncing back on the approaching Venus--- the radar signal leaves Venus with the speed of C+v, (v=35 km/s. Venus orbit speed) and after 54 million km this speed has become also C.
As a consequence: FIGURE 3-4 ( see below) OF THE SHAPIRO RADAR REFLECTION ANOMALY CAN BE EXPLAINED, by the mutual overlap of Venus and later Earth of te "extinction distances". ( see also fig C. and C2 for Venus and fig.D. for Mercury below)
ATTENTION, for the time being, this has nothing to do with the well known "Shapiro delay" for signals passing massive objects like the Sun.
Below figure C2, represents the moment of 10 april 1964. Attention: only the radar signal that is leaving a planet is influeneced by the LASOF C+v or C- v!!
The "Venus/Mercury Radar Reflection Conjunction Anomaly", is a firm motive to question Special relativity and a support for the idea of "Planetary lightspeed frame dragging" by a so called LASOF. ( Local Anti-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame)
In 1964 it was I.I.Shapiro who made precise radar reflection measurements on Venus and Mercury. He found a peculiar reflection anomaly for both planets around the moment of conjunction. He didn't have a clear explanation for this anomaly ( see the text on top of page 170)
Around the 10-15th of may and 20-27 july 1964, we can see a clear change in the radar reflection of Venus, which in my perspective can only have one origin: the influence of the overlapping Earth related globular extinction LASOF (local anti-symmetrical oscillating vacuum frame) with Venus. This was reason to accept that the radius of the LASOF globule should be about 70 million km. As a logic result, the Venus related LASOF should have a radius of 54 million km. For Mercury the LASOF radius should be 21 million km. ( see below)

My altenative(LASOF) interpretation of the anomaly

The I.I.Shapiro Radar reflection data is showing us that:
The Planetary reference frame for the Lightspeed seems to be dragged by Planets in a special way.

ONLY the EM signal which is LEAVING a MASSIVE object like Earth, Mercury or Venus, seems to be influenced over a certain distance of extinction, by the speed of the Planets.
The incoming signal is not influenced at all!!!
I will call the origin of this strange phenomenon: LASOF ( Local Anti-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame)

For the basic small anomalies see also:
GPS low elevation Test possibilities
Extra Orbital lightspeed extinction distances of Planets are: 70 million km for the Earth and 54 million km for Venus and 21 million km for Mercury ( see below).

Attention: for clarity, the Earth-Solar axis, is depicted in these sketches as fixed, ( not in motion) while the other planets are in ( extra) motion through the different days.

Earth and Venus LASOF diameter calculation. Below figure C, represents more than one moment in 1964. For clarity, Planet Earth is imaged as standing still and Venus is approaching Earth with 35 km/sec.. Attention: only the radar signal that is leaving a planet is influeneced by the LASOF C+v or C- v!!

Mercury LASOF diameter calculation.

My suggestion to search for minimal effects on Earth.
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