Quantum FFF String Theory ( FFF= Function Follws string Form)


If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle Dark Matter Black Hole (DM- BH) nucleus into smaller DM-BH nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the DM-BH based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro star/galaxy creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see orientale basin of the moon) .

Saturday, October 22, 2016

An experimental verified theory for free will. as a base for a Theory Of Everything (TOE)

It is well known that not only elements of the standard model combined with Quantum mechanics and relativity rules are needed to get a shimmer of a TOE.
However a TOE should be combined with an experimental verified model for free will.

The Quantum FFF model (Function Follows Form) seems to point to a solution of a raspberry shaped instant entangled Charge Parity  symmetric multiverse. 

See two articles:  
Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse.
New physics elements in the Quantum Function Follows Form Model.

Quantum FFF Theory is also published in the form of POSTERS at the Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93308747@N05/

Numbered listing of Vixra essays by Leo Vuyk.  

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