Quantum FFF Rigid String Theory ( FFF= Function Follws string Form)

QUANTUM FFF topological STRING THEORY and the Fermion Propeller.

If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle Dark Matter Black Hole (ELISIUM DM- BH) nucleus into smaller DM-BH nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the DM-BH based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro star/galaxy creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see oriental basin of the moon) .Conclusion, all Bhs are: "Negative Charged Electric Dark Matter Black Holes" with a rigid open string sector with intrinsic 3x hinging curvature.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Minimized Herbig Haro systems for Free energy of the future

OR: ZPE Zero Point Energy examples around black holes.

 Abstract, FUNCTION FOLLOWS FORM in Quantum FFF THEORY. The FORM and MICROSTRUCTURE of elementary particles, is supposed to be the origin of FUNCTIONAL differences between Higgs- Graviton- Photon- and Fermion particles. As a consequence, a NEW splitting, accelerating and pairing MASSLESS BLACK HOLE, able to convert vacuum energy (ZPE) into real energy by entropy decrease, seems to be able to explain quick Galaxy- and Star formation, down to Sunspots, Comets and even Ball Lightning. 
See also: Wikipedia on Tom van Flandern in:   a limitless source of free energy.

Le Sage's theory of gravitation and the speed of gravity

Van Flandern supported Le Sage's discredited[34] theory of gravitation, according to which gravity is the result of a flux of invisible "ultra-mundane corpuscles" impinging on all objects from all directions at superluminal speeds. He gave public lectures in which he claimed that these particles could be used as a limitless source of free energy, and to provide superluminal propulsion for spacecraft.[35][36] He also speculated that the ultra-mundane flux caused the explosion of a major planet once located between Mars and Jupiter.