Quantum FFF String Theory ( FFF= Function Follws string Form)


If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle Dark Matter Black Hole (DM- BH) nucleus into smaller DM-BH nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the DM-BH based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro star/galaxy creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see oriental basin of the moon) .Conclusion, all Bhs are: "Negative Charged Electric Dark Matter Black Holes"

Monday, July 04, 2016

New support for proliferation of new paradigm small black holes as stellar Anchor Black Holes. ( SABHs)

"We still don't know for sure what it is, but at least one thing we thought we knew about the present day universe isn't true."
According to Quantum FFF Theory, each open star cluster -and former star cluster stars like the sun- has its own dual stellar black holes ( undiscovered by now) emitting high energetic particles, so it is not a surpize that they concluded:
"The fact that this accounting works in the early universe but falls apart locally has scientists puzzled
But the number of known quasars is far lower than needed to produce the required light"

SEE: http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2016/07/enigma-of-light-in-our-universe-some-of-it-could-be-coming-from-a-currently-unknown-exotic-source-we.html