Quantum FFF String Theory ( FFF= Function Follws string Form)


If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle Dark Matter Black Hole (DM- BH) nucleus into smaller DM-BH nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the DM-BH based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro star/galaxy creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see orientale basin of the moon) .

Friday, November 25, 2016

"Wasteful" galaxies do not recycle but cycle heavy elements away into the CGM by GABH attraction.

Quantum FFF Theory says: this galaxy could be the future of the merging of Andromeda and the Milky way., 
We observe multiple Galaxy Anchor Black Holes: (GABHs) in the Circum Galactic Medium (CGM). as remnants of former merger GABHs.

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‘Wasteful’ galaxies launch heavy elements into surrounding halos and deep space, CU-Boulder study finds.
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The (CGM), is thought to play a central role in cycling elements in and out of the galaxy, but the exact mechanisms of this relationship remain elusive.
A typical galaxy ranges in size from 30,000 to 100,000 light years while the CGM can span up to a million light years.

Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) are supposed to be the centers of Dwarf spheroid star clusters located in– and around the Milky Way according to Quantum FFFtheory.
A recently detected 27.000 light-year long remnant gamma beam is probably the tell tale of a primordial HH system.
Below: Merging spiral galaxies with dual Herbig Haro object (Black Hole) systems, original connected by x-ray jets  between multiple Electric Dark Matter Black Holes.see: